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What is a religious experience?

A subjective experience interpreted within a religious framework


What does Otto say?

Numinous experiences are the "inner most core" of all religions - they have three things which make them not "normal" (mysterium, tremendum, and fascinans)


What does Starbuck say?

Everybody has a conversion experience when they're teens


What are swinburne's 5 forms of REs?

The nature of God, the principle of training, the principle of credulity, the cumulative argument, the historical argument


What does Greeley say?

The key theme of testimonies in the USA include deep inner peace, certainty of a positive outcome, sense of joy and emotional intensity


What does James say?

REs draw on a common range of emotions directed at the divine, something is real if it has real effects (PINT)


What do Alston and Otto say?

We don't experience God in any other way that non-sensory (he just fills us with awe)


What does Hume say?

The conflicting claims argument is a "triumph for the sceptic"


What does Kant say?

We cannot use our senses to experience God since he is not in the nominal world


What kind of argument is it?

A posteriori and inductive