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Define Analogy

Describing something unfamiliar to us by making comparisons with something we know


Analogy of Attribution with examples?

Definition: attributes we ascribe to each other are a reflection of God.
Eg: Aquinas, bulls urine.
Brian Davies, baker/bread.


Strengths of Analogy of Attribution:

+ 1: Hick: reincarnation of Jesus allows us to make statements about God
+ 2: We are made in God's image so our attributes must be similar


Weaknesses of Analogy of Attribution:

- 1: Anthropomorphic, brings God to human level.
- 2: Negative attributes?
- 3: Requires previous faith in God

Pseudo Dionysus "God is beyond assertion"


Analogy of Proportion explanation with examples

Quality point toward another thing. Degree depends upon the nature of the being possessing the quality.
God = infinite
Eg: Hick: dog 🐕 + faithfulness
Same meaning different degree


Strengths of Analogy of Proportion

+ 1: Avoid anthropomorphism
+ 2: True to Judao-Christian as all powerful (infinite)


Weaknesses of Analogy of proportion

- 1: Vague, we cannot understand infinity
- 2: Requires prior belief of God
- 3 : Negative statements? infinitely Negative?

Pseudo Dionysis "God is beyond assertion"


Strongest weakness of Analogy and strength of Symbol

Pseudo Dionysus: "God is beyond assertion" which means that words limit our understanding of God.


Define + explain use of Symbols

Symbol: Points us toward something and communicates something powerful
Paul Tillich: participate in and reveal higher power


Weaknesses of Symbol

- 1: VAGUE, "show higher reality" mean?
- 2: John HICK: what does a FLAG participate in?
- 3: Alston: if not literally true, "WHAT ARE THEY"


Strengths of Symbol

+ 1: 97% communication NON-VERBAL
+ 2: Deeper meaning eg: POPPY, invokes tears
+ 3: Non-COMMUNITY can still understand general meaning


Define Via Negativa

"The way of the negative"


Explain Via Negativa

Says what God is not. Avoid anthropomorphism

Used first by Plotinus to describe "form of the good". Seperate and unknowable
Later used by Pseudo Dionysis to describe His and "God is above assertion"


Describe 2 Scholars who support Via Negative

Plotinus: used VN to describe the "form of the good". (God) is seperate and unknowable.

Pseudo Dionysis: "God is beyond assertion" Used V.N to talk about God


Strengths of Via Negativa

+ 1: Prevents anthropomorphism
+ 2: Conveys transcendence of God
+ 3: More respectful


Weaknesses of Via Negativa

- 1: LIMITED understanding
- 2: NOT ACCURATE reflection OF how RELIGIOUS people speak
- 3: "NO POSITIVE statement is to be made of God" but if you say "good is not good" then IMPLIES good. so UNDERMINES principle