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when and where was simon armitage born

- 1963
- in west yokshire


what did he love doing when he was a boy and how did this impact his writing in general

- he loved walking across the moors
- the yorkshire landscape has inspired and influenced him since


who was amitage inspired by when he was young to write

- ted hughes
- another yorkshire poet


why did armitage move to manchester university from portsmouth where he was previously studying geography

- he wanted to study psychology there
- so he could go into the probation service like his dad


what does the fact hat armitages thesis on the effects of television violence on young offenders show about him

he was not afraid to tackle controversial and challenging topics


what are three main themes that his poem remains focuses on

- war
- death
- post-traumatic stress


what perspective are we reading from remains and how has armitage integrated himself into the poem

- it is a 3rd person perspective
- as armitage uses his voice and dresses himself up as the central character


what did the stanza stone project, where poems were carved onto stones in yorkshire, show about armitages intentions

- he wanted to bring poems into the real world
- remains reflects this as it is a poem which focuses on real world issues
- and attempts to bring them back to life


what collection is remains from

The Not Dead


how was the collection The Not Dead written and inspired from

- a documentary armitage did
- in which he interviewed a number of ex-servicemen from various conflicts


what did armitage discover when he interviewed the ex-servicemen and how is this reflected in remains

- he discovered that most of them were still traumatised by war
- which is shown in remains through the second half being about the trauma and stress the soldier has been in
- and how their memories of the past gaunt them


what is the poem remains about

a soldier experiencing traumatic flashbacks


what does the poem show through its simple content

- the death of an iraqi by a group of servicemen
- we know its in iraq due to the documentary