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Robinson v Harman (1848)

So far as money can do it parties are to be put in the position they would have been had the breach not been committed


Hadley v Baxendale (1854)

Liability arises from natural consequences if the contract; crankshaft case


Victoria Laundry v Newman (1949)

D could not claim for loss of profits on the lucrative deal as it was not within the party's contemplation


The Heron II (1969)

Sugar as delayed and could claim losses of profit had they sold on planned date (market crashed in price)


Parsons v Uttley Ingham (1978)

Pigs died because of bad vent; Scarman felt Wagon Mound foreseeability to be used where as denning differentiated between economic and physical loss


Chadlin v Hicks (1911)

Expectation loss interview high chance


Allied Maples v Simmons & Simmons (1995)

Estimation only speculative so no claim


Ruxley Electronics v Forsyth (1996) HL

Pool case only loss of amenity awarded as unreasonable to award recovery