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Define Renaissance or Renascimento in Italian



Renascimento of what?

Greek and roman ideas


What is a patronage?

Marcelo Fantoni says, "Patronage is great for the production of art but totally irrational from an economic view. Patronage is a political strategy.....high political competition. Money and support that is given to an artist, organization, etc.


What is the role of classical writings in the beginning of the Renaissance?

The writings inspired painters and sculptors because of all the ancient ruins and statues.


The Silk Road

A caravan route that started in China Nd ended at the Mediterranean Sea.


What was the Medici family's role in the Renaissance?

They created a tax for city improvements-sewer, paved streets etc. they provided funding for artists, architects, and sculptors. They also helped launch the Renaissance in Italy.


Who was Michelangelo?

He designed buildings wrote poetry, carved sculptures, and painted magnificent pictures. His most of famous work is a painting that covers the ceiling of the Sistine chapel in the Vatican. The muscular human figures in this immense painting remind the viewer of Greek or roman cultures. He is most known for the statue of David and la pieta. He would spend hours in the mourge studying the human body.


Leonardo da Vinci

He was an illegitimate son of a common worker and he had very little formal education. He moved to Florence as a young boy and became apprenticed. He is most known for his paintings Mona Lisa, Adoration of the Magi, Last Supper and his notebooks. He is famous for the development of the Sfumato that gives a smokey/haziness/ and softness to a painting


Who is Botticelli?

He is one of the greatest painters of the Renaissance. He had a balance between religious paintings and strictly mythological and humanistic paintings. He was one of the first to really bring out giving in his human subjects, flesh gone, giving his paintings a human and alive feel. The birth of Venus was the first time a painting portrayed a non biblical character in the nude in over 1000 years. He is known for the birth of Venus, primavera , and calumny of Apelles


Who is Raphael?

He is a master painter and architect of the Renaissance. Some believe he is the greatest painter of all time. He is best known for his Madonnas and works he completed for the pope and Vatican. Some of his famous works are: Wedding of the Virgin, transfiguration, Pope Julius 11 and Madonna in the meadow.


Who is Niccolo Machiavelli?

A later italin writer who was also a politician. In 1513 he wrote a short book called the prince. it gave leaders advice on how they should rule.


Who is Galileo, Copernicus, and Mercator?

Galileo created telescopes, Mercator made maps and globes, Copernicus came up with the theory of the sun being the center of the universe and it spinning on its axis. He didn't however pint out that it was ellipse pattern instead of a perfect circle.


What is the Renaissance man?

This term means that a person has very many talents that involve the sciences, math, and arts. Is someone that can do practically anything well.


What is Petrarch?

A Renaissance scholar warned against ignoring history: "O inglorius age! That scorns antiquity, its mother to whom it owes every noble art... what can be said in defense of men of education who ought not to be ingorant of antiquity and yet are plunged in....darkness and delusion?


What is Humanism?

The study of the humanities led to a movement called humanism, a way of thinking and learning that stresses the importance of human abilities and actions.


What is Linear perspective?

A form of art that artists in the Renaissance used to make their pieces more realistic by giving them more depth.


Art of the middles ages vs. art of the Renaissance

middle ages
-figures look stiff and flat
-important figures are larger than others in the scene
-fully clothed and draped with materials
-backgrounds lack detail and attention and are often gold
-usually religiously them or war oriented
Renaissance art
-linear perspective
-figures in the nude
-free standing figures(focus on the individual)
-softening of edges
topics outside christianity
- use of bright colors


The city of Florence and its role in the Renaissance?

Major birthplace of the Renaissance was in the city of florence.


Who was Johann Gutenberg/Gutenberg Press?

Johann Gutenberg created a printing press called The Gutenberg Press, which could print out multiple pieces of the same paper/words


What are some reasons for the beginning of the Renaissance

The Europeans had 1000 years of darkness that lacked classical culture
The Renaissance was an age of recovery after the Black Death and the hundreds year war
People became intensely interested in the past, specifically the cultures of the ancient Greeks and Romans


Role of Gutenberg press in the Reformation?

-The Gutenberg press printed out multiple copies of the bible so more people than just the popes could read it(popes did not like this)
-different versions of the Bible came out in more than one language
-The monks were not the only people who could copy the bible down


Who is Martin Luther?

On October 31. 1517 a priest named Martin Lither added his voice to the call for reform. He nailed a list of complaints about the church to the door of a church in Wittenberg in the German state of Saxony. Luther's list is called the ninth five theses. Thanks to the newly invented printing press copies of the list spread to neighboring states.


Who is Francesco Petrarca?

He is considered the first Renaissance man and he was the first to claim that the previous century was a time of darkness.


What do the Medici's do for a living?

They are bankers


Who is Marco Polo?

Famous Italian that traveled to China and witnessed many inventions, ideas, and goods that were unknown to Europe. He stayed in China for nearly 20 years And his travels renewed an interest in trade, transportation and ideas.


What is the Columbian exchange?

This was coined to describe the worldwide redistribution of plants, animals, and diseases that resulted from the initial contacts between Europeans and Natives.


What was the impact of the Columbian Exchange?

Exchanged food, plants, animals, and disease during colonization.


What did explorers want to find on their routes to Asia?

Spices-pepper,cinamon,nutmeg,and others.


What things motivated early explorers to sail to the New World.

GLORY:it could be for themselves to go down in history or for their country
GOLD: They could have gone for the gold in America or for money.
GOD: They could have sailed to spread the word of God to the Natives there.


Who is Cosimo De Medici?

He ruled florence and he wanted Florence to be the most beautiful city in the world. He hired artists to decorate his palace and he paid architects to redesign many of Florence's buildings. Cosimo valued education and he built libraries and collected books to improve education. Under the Medici Family Florence became the center of Italian art, literature, and culture.


What is Heliocentric VS Geocentric

Heliocentric-Theory that the sun is in the middle of the universe and everything else evolves around it. The church did not agree with this.
Geocentric-Theory that the earth is in the middle of the universe and everything evolves around it.


What is the Protestant Reformation?

Those who protested against the Roman Catholic Church become known as Protestants. A reform movement against the Roman Catholic Church. It is basically people protesting against the Roman Catholic Church.


Who is Desiderius Erasmus?

He was A dutch priest who was the most important voice for reform. Erasmus criticized corrupt clergy and wanted to get rid of some church rituals that he thought were meaningless. Instead of rituals he emphasized devotions to God and the teachings of Jesus.


What is an indulgence?

A paper you could buy to skip going trough to purgatory and go to heaven.


What is a protestant.

A reform or movement against the Catholic Church.


What is Purgatory?

The place people go if they are not Holy enough to go to heaven or bad enough to go straight to hell. They stay here until they are possibly holy enough to go to Heaven.


Who is John Tetzel

Indulgence seller who persuaded many families to buy indulgences to skip purgatory.


How did the reformation end up in England.

HenryVII wanted to divorce his wife, who was related to the Pope, who would not allow it. So Henry created the Anglican Church so that he could divorce his wife as well as be the leader of the church and the King.