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Excretory organs

1) colon
- solid wastes - eaten but not absorbed into the blood stream

2) liver
- absorbed into the blood but too hydrophobic to be dissolved into the plasma goes to the liver; crucial to synthesize urea, and helps us break down and eliminate things like wastes

3) kidney
- stuff processed here is hydrophilic so the material that is eaten and absorbed into the blood and dissolved into the plasma
Other Kidney Functions
- blood pressure
- pH
- ion/water balance
Gouconeogeniss a little
- activate vitamin D
- secrete erythropoietin


Urinary Organs


Actively pushed with muscle
- internal urinary sphincter (autonomic smooth muscle)
- external urinary sphincter (voluntary somatic skeletal muscle)


Three processes to produce urine

1) filtration
- moving a substance across a membrane using pressure (blood pressure)

2) reabsorption
- move a substance from the filtrate to the blood
- glucose, amino acids, water
- 99% original volume is reabsorbed
- GFR = 125 ml/min

3) secretion
- move a substance from the blood to the filtrate
- drugs, toxins, creatinine

4) concentration and dilution = collecting duct