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during which part of interphase does DNA replication occur?

S phase


what is the role of kinetochore microtubules in the cell cycle?

attaches to the centromere and maneuvers the chromosomes during mitosis


what occurs during prophase?

chromatin condenses
centrioles move far apart and microtubules from cytoskeleton form spindle and aster


what occurs during prometaphase?

spindle fibres in two populations; kinetochore and non-kinetochore
nuclear membrane breaks down


What occurs during metaphase?

spindle is complete + aster expends to plasma membrane
centrosomes at opposite poles
kinetochore microtubules attached to chromosomes


what occurs during anaphase?

kinetochores cleaved by separase enzymes
chromatids move to poles of cell
non-kinetochore microtubules pulled by kinesin, elongating cell


How does cytokinesis occur?

ATP and myosin causes the contraction of actin myofilaments in the cortex
cleavage furrow forms