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What are the two explanations of resistence to social influence

-independence-lack of consistent movement either towards or aqay from social expectancy
-anti-conformity-a consistent movement away from social conformity


Explain how having social support (situational) makes people more resistent-Milgram

-more of Milgram's pps resisted orders if there were other pps present who refused to obey
-people find it easier to stand up to authority if they have support from others-as they don't have to take full responsibility for rebelling


Explain how having social support makes people more resistent-Asch

-Asch found that pps were more likely to resist the pressure to conform if one of the confederates agreeded with them
-people are more likely to display independent behaviour if they've got support from others


What is independent behaviour

Independent behavior is a term that psychologists use to describe behavior that seems not be influenced by other people. This happens when a person resists the pressures to conform or obey


What is Locus of control (dispositional)

-how much personal control you believe you have over events in your life
-people who feel they're generally in control of what happens in their life are more likely to resist


Explan what Rotter (1966) developed

-rotter developed a questionnaire to measure locus of control
-the questionnaire involved choosing between paired statements
-proposes that people with internal locus of control are better at resisting social pressure to conform or obey-feel resonsible for their actions


What is an internal locus of control

-this is categorised by a belief that what happens in your life results from your own behaviour or actions
-people with this feel a stronger sense of control over their lives than people with an external locus-they are more likely to exhibit independent behaviour


What is an external locus of control

-a belief that events are caused by external factores like luck or the actions of others
-they are more likely to conform or obey