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What are the responsibilities of the first due engine company?

Position in proximity to the building but do not block access for other apparatus

Method of water supply

View as much structure as possible

Bring rapid entry keys and retrieve building keys in the fire control room or other designated location

Check the status of elevators and HVAC systems

Check the annunciator panel before proceeding to the reported fire floor

Proceed to the fire floor and then get some


In addition to the hoseline the first two engine shall take what tools?



Thermal imager

Forcible entry tools


What units should proceed to the fire floor?

First engine and first truck


Should elevators be used by the first arriving company?



When can later arriving companies use the elevators?

When the first engine or truck or rescue has climbed the stairs and has assessed the fire floor situation the engine officer will revise command if the elevators can be used


If smoke conditions are found in the lobby personnel must determine if the fire is located where?

Located on the lobby level or possibly on the floor below or in the elevator pit


If the buildings standpipe connections or not located in the stairway but are present in the hallways it is best to use the hallway connection on what floor?

Floor below


What are the responsibilities of the second engine company?

Establish water supply

Report to the Fire floor to assist the first engine and placing the first hoseline in service

Prepare to deploy a second Hoseline


Who should be stationed at the standpipe outlet in the stairway as a rescue team for the first engine in the event that they are needed?

The officer and firefighter from the second engine


What are the responsibilities of the third engine?

Position on the opposite side of the building from the first engine

The officers should report conditions from the side opposite of the first engine

Obtain a secondary water supply

Supply the rear FDC if present

Advanced a hose line to the floor above the fire


What are the responsibilities of the fourth do engine?

Tcomplete a secondary water supply



Where should the first truck position

Side alpha or the side with fire showing


If smoke, fire, or victims are evident in within reach of the aerial device the aerial should do what?

Be raised to access the unit involved

The latter should not be placed to a window or balcony showing fire unless there is someone at the location in need of a rescue or the elevator master stream tactic is being used

If the apartment or unit is totally involved the aerial should be raised to the adjoining unit


What tools should the first truck company bring?


Hand lights

Set of irons

Hydraulic door opener


Water can

Thermal imager

Lifeline pack


What is the first truck normally responsible for?

Determined and communicate the location of the fire

Forcible entry

Primary search

Coordinating the evacuation of fleeing occupants

Remove obstructions hindering fire attack and hose line deployment


The truck or rescue squad she'll open the ceiling on the fire floor to expose what?

Plenum area


What are the responsibilities of the second truck

View as much of the structure as possible

Position opposite the first truck

Assess the need for elevated master streams

Take note of one direction and strength

Bring rapid entry keys

I didn't find the evacuation stairway if not already done and make sure it's clear of smoke

Communicate any previously unreported conditions

Proceed to the floor above the fire


What tools should the second truck bring?


Hand lights

Set of irons

Hydraulic door opener


Water can




What are the responsibilities of the rescue squad?

Deployment of a tagline from the attack stairway

Forcible entry on the adjacent units for primary search and possible alternate fire attack

Coordinating the evacuation of occupants

Assessment of fire extension into the adjacent units

Horizontal ventilation

Assist with hose line movement if necessary