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Respectful Workplace

This policy complies with what legislative authorities?

- Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA)
- Ontario Human rights Code
- Ontario OHSA


Respectful Workplace

This policy will be reviewed when?



Respectful Workplace

What is "behaviour by a person or a group which intimidates or demeans another person and includes, but is not limited to:
- Abuse of power
- Humiliation or embarrassment
- Persistent and unjustified criticism
- Exclusion and/or isolation
- Threats or
- Rumours/Gossip



Respectful Workplace

What is "treating someone unequally, rather than treating the person fairly on a basis of individual merit?"

*Can be either intentional or unintentional and is usually based upon personal prejudices and stereotypical assumptions related to protected grounds set out in the Ontario Human rights code


Respectful Workplace

What is a respectful workplace?

"A positive, safe and healthy Workplace that results in the preservation of equal dignity and creates a culture that supports an individual's physical, emotional and social well being."


Respectful Workplace

What/where is considered the "workplace"

Any place where employees conduct city business or social activities and may have impact on work relationships, including emails, phone calls, voice mails, and social media.


Respectful Workplace

What is workplace harassment?

A course of vexatious comments or conduct against an employee that is known or ought reasonably to be known to be unwelcome.


Respectful Workplace

What is vexatious?



Respectful Workplace

What is considered a "course"

Pattern of behaviour


Respectful Workplace

Workplace harassment and Workplace sexual harassment are also forms of what?

Discrimination - when they relate to any of the protected groups identified from the Ontario Human Rights Code


Respectful Workplace

Harassment is not defined by intent but rather by?

How the behaviour would be perceived or would impact a reasonable person's perception of the behaviour


Respectful Workplace

Harassment may include:

- Physical actions
- Patronizing or condescending behaviour or language
- Comments
- Displays of offensive material
- Behaviours which create an environment which is hostile
- Bullying


Respectful Workplace

What are the employees responsibilities/expectations?

- Promote and contribute to respectful workplace
- Refrain from violation
- Report incidents to management or HR
- Attend interviews and provide info to investigator
- Maintain confidentiality
- Cooperate fully in any attempt to resolve


Respectful Workplace

What are the 3 city values?

Trust, Quality, Excellence


Respectful Workplace

Is confidentiality always guaranteed?

No, may need to disclose to facilitate a proper resolution or investigation OR when there has been a serious violation of Human Rights Code or City's Respectful workplace Policy...ex: Sexual harassment, violence or threats of violence


Respectful Workplace

Bullying DOES NOT include?

- Personality or interpersonal conflicts
- Normal exercise of supervisory responsibilities including work assignment, performance, feedback, training, coaching and or discipline intended to support daily activities


Respectful Workplace

What are the 3 complaint procedure options?

1. Informal Complaint Resolution
2. Formal Complaint Resolution
3. Use an external source (e.g. Ontario Human rights commission, Union grievance or report a complaint through the City's Whistleblower program)


Respectful Workplace

If you observe someone else being treated in a manner that is contrary to the Respectful workplace Policy, what should you do?

- Offer support
- Encourage them to bring concerns up with other party or management
- if person refuses and situation is serious enough, you must report the incident to management yourself


Respectful Workplace

Written responses will be provided for formal complaint processes within?

10 days or as agreed with the employee


Respectful Workplace

Who may be appointed an investigator?

City will appoint one, either a third party or an HR representative.


Respectful Workplace

Who may the employee report an incident of violence?



Respectful Workplace

The city's "Whistleblower program" is managed by who?

An independent third party service provider. Complaints are done through an external anonymous reporting system.


Respectful Workplace

Employees who are NOT satisfied with the resolution of their respectful workplace complaint should refer to?

The employee complaint review protocol. This will go through the HR director, and if they are still not satisfied it may be appealed through the Commissioner who will review and make a final decision.


Respectful Workplace

______ ______ means any individual responsible for directing the work of others, including elected officials, the City Manager, commissioners, directors, managers, supervisors, team leaders or any other person taking a leadership role, such as trainers, project leaders, facilitators, etc.

“Management Staff”


Respectful Workplace

This policy is supplemented by ______ of _______.

Statement of commitment


Respectful Workplace

External complaint options (4)

1. Ontario human rights commission/tribunal
2. Violence - Police
3. Whistleblower program
4. Union rep


Respectful Workplace

Informal complaint process (4)

1. Attempt to resolve issue on your own
2. Always make notes - record incident
3. Ask for guidance/assistance
4. The resolution - think what you want out of this