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what is the process called that breaks down glucose to form ATP?

cellular respiration


what are the 2 different forms of cellular respiration called?

1. aerobic respiration
2. anaerobic respiration


what is aerobic respiration?

respiration that requires oxygen


what does aerobic respiration produce?

produces carbon dioxide, water and a lot of ATP


what is anaerobic respiration?

respiration that takes place in the absence of oxygen


what does anaerobic respiration produce in animals?

lactate (lactic acid) and only a little ATP


what does anaerobic respiration produce in plants and fungi?

ethanol, carbon dioxide and only a little ATP


what are the 4 stages of aerobic respiration called?

1. glycolysis
2. link reaction
3. krebs cycle
4. oxidative phosphorylation


brief summary of glycolysis?

splitting of glucose (6-C molecule) into 2x pyruvate (3-C molecule)


brief summary of the link reaction?

pyruvate (3-C molecules) enter into a series of reactions which lead to the formation of acetyleco-enzyme A (2-C molecule)


brief summary of the krebs cycle?

acetylco-enzyme A is introduced into a cycle of redox reactions that produce some ATP and a large quantity of reduced NAD and reduced FAD


brief summary of oxidative phosphorylation?

the electrons associated with reduced NAD and reduced FAD which were released from the Krebs cycle, are used to synthesis ATP with water (released as a by-product)