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Auscultate lung lobes at anterior ICS levels...

Apex, 2, 4, 6 moving laterally as you move down. (don't forget to do MAL too)


Auscultate lung lobes at posterior levels...

T1, T4, T8


Give the location of the apex of the lung

1 inch above the medial 3rd of clavicle


The parietal pleural surface marking diverges from the lung surface marking at which point?

8th rib level; the pleural marking goes through the MAL at the 10th rib and the scapular line posteriorly at the 12th rib.


Which lung is the cardiac notch present in and describe what happens to the surface marking as a result.

Left lung, notch is at 5th CC and deflects surface marking 3cm laterally. Then follows similar shape to right lung.


Where is the hilum of each lung located?

Midway between the posterior median line and scapular line, T4-6


Describe the two points to mark, to depict the oblique fissure (both lungs)

1) Transverse spine of T3. 2) Border of lung at 6th CC (remember is at MCL)


What's the easy way to depict the oblique fissure?

Place hands on head, extrapolate medial border of scapula round to 6th CC at MCL.


Describe how to depict the transverse fissure on a surface marking.

Find the 4th CC and draw a horizontal line to the MAL (this will join up with the oblique fissure marking)


Easy way to remember where the transverse fissure is (in men)

Just above the nipple in the male


Describe the way to find the safe "triangle" for needle insertion

Anterior border of lats, lateral border of pec. major, horizontal line at 5th ICS, Apex below axilla.


How do you insert the needle?

Above upper border of rib into ICS, upwards and medially.