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While responding it is imperative that all members monitor what two things?

The tactical channel as well as the mobile communications terminal


The first due engine will generally do the following things.

Proceed ahead of the truck or rescue squad if house together

Lay the primary supply line

Deliver the on scene report

Preform the 360 lap

Communicate results of the 360 lap and make a command statement

Force entry

Advanced the initial attack hoseline and extinguish the fire

Preform search and coordinated ventilation if needed while advancing the hoseline


The second due engine will do the following

I'm sure the primary water supply is established

Assume command of the incident

Ensure successful deployment and advancement of the initial line

Deploy a second hoseline


The third due engine will do the following

Position on the opposite side of the involved structure from the first due engine company

Lay the secondary supply line

Performed a visual inspection of side Charlie and report findings
to command

Deploy a third hoseline


The fourth due engine will do the following

Inshore the secondary water supply is established

Assume the role of the rapid intervention team

Take proactive measures to increase the safety of members operating inside the IDLH While maintaining readiness if a RIT activation occurs


What should personnel bring and where during a fire alarm emergency question



Hand light and tools


During a fire alarm if the building is equipped with a standpipe what should personnel bring while investigating?

Hi rise packs


During an alarm if present personnel should obtain what prior to entering the structure?

Knox box keys


On a fire alarm the truck or rescue company personnel should expect to arrive and travel where?

To the reported floor or area of alarm


If they engine company arrives alone consideration shall be given to leave what at the apparatus?

One firefighter