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This is a continuous process which contains various benchmarks and decision points where information is obtained during an incident?

Size up


What do pre-arrival size up considerations include?

Occupancy type

Time of day

Class of construction

Weather conditions

Water supply access


This report should paint a image of the building type and conditions upon arrival for other incoming units?

On scene report


What information should be included in the on scene report?

Position of the first arriving apparatus

What is evident upon arrival

Occupancy type

Exposure concerns


This will allow the initial arriving officer to determine the possible location of the fire, the presence of victims, the best location for initial line deployment, and any obstacle present that may impede smooth fire ground operations?

360 lap


The first arriving officer shall conduct what prior to implementing interior firefighter tactics?

360 lap


What is included in a interior size up?

Amounts of fire

Interior building layout

Location of victims

Hazards encountered

Positioning of hose lines

Priority areas to search


What is an easy way to answer or transmit a progress report?


C- conditions
A- actions
N- needs


Locating a fire inside of the building is the responsibility of who?

The initial engine company officer


What is the most reliable indicator to a fires location?

Smoke velocity or speed


What is a good indicator of The fires intensity and proximity to the fires location?

How fast smoke is moving


What can you assume after opening the entry door and floor to ceiling smoke conditions exist, smoke often pours out of the opening at the top and rapidly lives and begins to drawl and at the bottom?

The presence of a significant fire that is relatively close to the point of entry


What is the concept to determine the likelihood of the victims potential to be rescued?

Victim survivability profiling