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Tapeto-Retinal Degeneration

Group of retinal degenerations 2' to endogenous inflammatory processes, i.e. "Hereditary Abiotrophy." Prototypical condition: Retinitis Pigmentosa. Also includes conditions such as Snowflaked Vitreoretinal Degeneration.


Why is the fovea prone to detachment with VMT compared to other areas of traction?

Rods contain more areas of attachment to microvilli v. cones, and the fovea is composed entirely of cones.


Define Category 2 ARMD according to AREDS (Early AMD)

20/30 or better VA. More than 10 small hard drusen near the fovea or intermediate drusen (64 - 124 micron width). Minimal RPE changes.


Define Category 3 ARMD according to AREDS (Intermediate AMD)

One large drusen, 20 or more intermediate "soft drusen, 65 or more intermediate "hard drusen," or geographic atrophy NOT involving the macula.


Define Category 4 ARMD according to AREDS (Advanced AMD)

Geographic Atrophy involving the center of the macula, Classic / occult neovascularization, PED, or a fibrovascular disciform scar.


What gene is implicated as a major risk factor for AMD? How does a defect in this gene affect a patient's risk of AMD?

Complement Factor H (CFH). Patients are 2.5 - 5.5 times more likely to develop AMD with a defective CFH gene.