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What are the main beliefs about the nature of God?

He is omnipotent, omnipresent, omniscient and benevolent.


What does 'self-existent' mean.

The idea that God exists in his own right- he needs no cause or trigger.


What does immanent mean?

The idea that God is present on earth and involved in human life. People are able to experience God and he influences events on earth.


What does transcendent mean?

The idea that God is beyond or outside life on earth and the universe- he is not limited by the universe, time or space.


What is the 'personal nature of God'?

The idea that God has human characteristics that people can relate to.


What is the 'impersonal nature of God'?

The idea that God is an abstract force or idea and is absolute or infinite- he does not share human traits.


What is general revelation?

When God is made known through things around us in an indirect way.


Give some example of general revelation.

Logic/ reasoning, religious leaders, worship and prayer, the beauty of nature, the success of others, scripture etc...


What is special revelation?

When God is made known by directly contacting specific people.


Give some examples of special revelation.

Visions, dreams, miracles, etc..


What are the pros and cons of general revelation?

It is available to everyone at all times, it can be adapted to changing times and it can guide people to do the 'right' thing.
However, it only conveys a small amount of information and can be loosely or incorrectly interpreted.


What are the pros and cons of special revelation?

It is received first hand and has more impact than general revelation, it allows the recipients to lead others, and it discloses all of the information that God wants to give.
However, it is exclusive to a limited number of people, and it is specific to a certain time period so can become outdated or irrelevant.


What is charismatic worship?

A type of worship that takes place in some branches of Christianity (such as the Pentecostal church) where worshipers are said to be filled with the holy spirit.


What are some alternative explanations for revelation?

Wishful thinking, incorrect interpretation, mental disorder, drug or alcohol use, fraudulent revelation.


Define awe.

A feeling of great respect and wonder.


What is charismatic worship?

Christian worship, particularly in the Pentecostal church, which is believed to be 'filled with and led by the holy spirit'.


Define compassion.

One of God's qualities: showing concern for the sufferings of others.


Define conversion.

When a person becomes a member of a faith, often following a dramatic change of heart.


Define dream.

Images, ideas, emotions that occur during sleep.


Define experience.

Knowledge gained from living through events in life.


Define illusion.

An erroneous perception of reality


What is meditation?

Contemplation on religious matters.


Define 'merciful'.

A quality of God that stresses God's willingness to forgive the wrong doer.


Define 'supremacy'.

The supreme power or authority of God.


Explain the idea of God as 'the sustainer'

God sustains the universe and ensures that it continues - if he does not sustain it the universe will not exist.


What is a vision?

Seeing something especially in a dream or trance, that shows something about the the nature of God or the afterlife.