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What do we know about the author and date of Revelation?

Apostle John

Mid 90's AD

John had been exiled during a persecution by Roman Emperor Domitian, who died in 96AD. so John returned to Ephesus


What is the purpose of Revelation?

to comfort and exhort Christians to Godly living by revealing the events taking place before, during, and after Jesus' return


What are the three main sections of Revelation? What verse yields that outline?

Based off of Revelation 1:19

1. What you have seen: Jesus the Risen Savior (ch. 1)
2. Things which are: Messages to the Seven Churches (ch. 2-3)
3. Things taking place after these things (ch. 4-22)


What two characters are the center of the scene in Revelation 4-5?

God and the Lamb

(This scene is Heaven's throne)


What events begin as the seven seals of the book are opened in Revelation 6-7?

The judgment of the Earth during the great tribulation Revelation
(in which no one can stand, except the elect who are saved during the tribulation)


Where is the church during this time of Revelation 6-7?

How do the two views, pre-tribulation rapture of the church and post-tribulation rapture of the church, approach this question?

• Church is caught (taken?) up to begin the tribulation
• Christians are promised they won't have to endure God's day of wrath

• Church goes through tribulation and raptured at Jesus' 2nd coming
• God partially protects Christians through tribulation


What happens during the first 42 months of the Tribulation? What changes during the second 42 months, according to Daniel 9, 12 and Revelation 13?

God's elect are protected from the dragon's wrath... then Satan and his Beast get 42 months to persecute the elect


From Revelation 20, what events occur between the defeat of Satan in chapter 19 and the ushering in of eternity in chapters 21-22?

• Satan is bound as Jesus rules for 1,000 years
• Satan is released and judged by God
• Then all the earth is judged at the great white throne


What is the final appeal of Revelation 22?



What is the purpose of the NT?

To reveal God's finished plan of blessing all humanity through Jesus Christ, to his own glory


How is the purpose of the NT played out (4 ways)?

1. Jesus has provided forgiveness of sin through his death
2. Jesus has made God known, giving his followers a moral path to live by to glorify God
3. The Church, Spirit-empowered, proclaims the gospel everywhere
4. Plans are completed for the restoration of God's rule over the earth when evil is defeated and judged at the return of Christ