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What does Lily Campbell identify?

'a persistent condemnation of revenge in the ethical teaching of Shakespeare's England' - in scripture, writings sucha s The Mirror For Magistrates, pamphlets..
BUT, a tension between this and the need for justice in order to preserve the order of the state


Pamphlet - The Cry and Revenge of Blood by Thomas Cooper

“Surely where man usually ends, God beginneth…”


• Thomas Beard, Theatre of Gods Judgements

For though it may seeme for a time that God sleepeth, and regardeth not the wrongs and oppression of his servants, yet he never faileth to carry a watchfull eie upon them, and in his fittest time to revenge himselfe upon their enemies.'


What does Lily Campbell argue is the ultimate theme of Renaissance tragedy?

'the great tragic theme of sixteenth- and seventeenth-century teaching is this theme of God's revenge for sin. '
Sin - punished by god or by man - underlies all theatre of this time?


What could also be used by God?

Another person as an instrument of vengeance - think about how this fits in with predestination etc


What is the question of ghosts in drama?

Could be either seen as legitimate appearances of the dead (Catholic influence) or as feignings of the Devil (more protestant idea) - producing alternative readings or interpretations of the same text in contemporary audiences