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How trust is provided and managed

  • policies (for people and systems)
  • permissions (for agent that interact w/ system)
  • protections (mechanisms to enforce policies/permissions)



The ability to determine that statements, policies, and permissions issued by persons or systems are genuine. 

Objective achieved via digital signatures. This is turn creates non-repudiation.


Anonymity Methods

  1. Aggregation: combining of data from many individuals so that disclosed data not tied to any individual
  2. Mixing: intertwining of data in way that cannot be traced to individual
  3. Proxies: web proxy
  4. Pseudonyms: ficitonal identities


10 Security Principles

  1. Compromise Recording (better to record than precent sometimes)
  2. Work Factor (commensurate countermeasure)
  3. Psychological Acceptability (make it easy to use/understand)
  4. Least Common Mechanism
  5. Fail Safe Defaults
  6. Economy of Mechanism
  7. Complete Mediation
  8. Separation of Privelege 
  9. Open Design
  10. Least Privelege