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What are the symptoms of osteoarthritis?

Pain with use, improved with rest; Stiffness; Relative preservation of function; Rarely significant symptoms before age 40; Lack of systemic symptoms


What are the signs of osteoarthritis?

Localized joint tenderness; Bony enlargement; Crepitance; Restricted movement; Variable swelling and/or instability


What are the typical findings of synovial fluid analysis in osteoarthritis?

Type I fluid, with 200-2000 WBCs; 25% polymorphonuclear leukocytes; normal viscosity; Negative crystal exam; Normal Glucose


What are the typical X-ray features of osteoarthritis?

"Gull wing" changes in the interphalangeal joints; Medial compartment disease of the knee; Horizontal osteophytes of the spine; Hallux valgus (bunion deformity of the great toe) without other metatarsal disease


What are the risk factors for osteoarthritis?

Advanced age is one of the strongest risk factors; 100% over age 40 have pathologic changes upon autopsy,