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Affording the Olympics

Brazil is currently facing its worst recession in decades; swelling unemployment, double-digit inflation and a corruption scandal that saw the sinking of the state oil company.


Brazilian government’s deficit

Last year the Brazilian government’s deficit inflated to more than nine percent, meaning they were forced to cut the $5bn Olympic budget between five-20 percent.


athletes competing in Rio

athletes competing in Rio will have to watch the games on communal TVs because there will not be a set in their rooms and VIPs will be served traditional beans and rice instead of gourmet meals.


TV broadcasting olympics

The estimated figure for TV broadcasting exceeds all other channels of revenue, contributing 70 percent of the total ($4.1bn). With Rio set to earn more than double the TV broadcasting money than the 2004 Olympics in Athens.


Lucrative sponsorship deals and revenue

Lucrative sponsorship deals are also a big driver of revenue – sponsorship from both domestic and National Olympic Committee’s (NOC) foreign countries makes up 20 percent of the total revenue.


Official sponsors

Official sponsors for Rio 2016 include Coca-Cola, McDonalds, Samsung, Panasonic and Nissan. Marketing rights and licensing is predicted to bring in $300m, and $250m will come from other streams.


sponsorship revenue for rio

worldwide marketing and sponsorship revenue is predicted $900m, and $1.3m for domestic sponsorship deals.


the zika virus

the zika virus. The director-general of The World Health Organization (WHO) is reconsidering the risks of the Olympics Games while the virus is still active in Brazil.

this could cause tourist not to go to rio as it is not safe


accessible visas and adequate infrastructure.

However, Brazil has to overcome many challenges to attract more foreign visitors. This includes more accessible visas and adequate infrastructure. After the recent collapse of the city’s elevated bike path, which killed two people,


Marina da Glória is located in Guanabara Bay

. The marina that will hold sailing events, and Marina da Glória is located in Guanabara Bay

this is a problem as the results showed unsafe levels of viruses and bacteria. Brazilian officials said the water will be clean in time for the games.


buying tickets for locals

rio did not plan on buying tickets for any of the Olympic events for the locals , as it is too expensive


free events for locals

He believes Brazil should set up a free event for locals, similar to when they hosted the world cup, in a venue showing live sporting events.


inconveniently located favelas.

The Brazilian government is trampling the homes of locals and uprooting communities in some inconveniently located favelas.


inconveniently located favelas. 2

An estimated 385 families were evicted from their homes last year, after receiving letters from city hall ordering their removal to make way for a high-speed bus lane, connecting the international airport with one of the host villages for the Olympic games.