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What are the types of assessment and when are they best used?

Pre-assessment/Pre-test: Occurs before instruction and helps teacher planning.

Formative Assessment: Occurs during instruction and may be informal. That is, the results may or may not be recorded for a grade. Examples include teacher observation, questioning, exit tickets, and/or quick-check assessments.

Summative/Post-Test Assessment: Occurs at the end of instruction. This assessment aligns with the objective. In direct instruction, this is often a test or quiz. Authentic assessments can also be summative.

Norm-Referenced Assessment: Will be a standardized or a competitive test. Students are ranked and/or compared to each other.

Criterion-Referenced Assessment: Usually a teacher-made test that matches the content of the lesson(s). Students show a proficiency level that is set by the teacher in the objective.

Authentic Assessments: These are assessments that measure student-centered types of instructional strategies that are performance-based.


What is authentic assessment used to measure? Examples?

Student critical thinking and high order skills. Usually performance based in real world applications. e.g. creating a monthly budget to understand profit and loss.


What types of assessments are best used in conferencing with parents?