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What is the traditional role of the father?

The fathers role in child rearing has been to provide resources for the family such as food, etc. He would be the one that would go out to work


Who studied the role of the father?



What did Lucassen find regarding the role of the father?

Fathers who show sensitivity to the needs of the infant develop more secure attachments


How does the relationship between father and mother affect attachment?

The amount of marital intimacy between parents is important. Brown found that supportive co-parenting affects the type of attachment they have, with more supportive fathers developing more secure attachments than less supportive ones


How could biology determine the role of the father?

Women have higher levels of oestrogen than men, thus allows them to show sensitive responsiveness. This means that they are sensitive to the needs of the child and are quick to respond to them


How does Geiger support the role of the father?

Geiger suggests that the fathers serve a different purpose in the development of the child than mothers do, suggesting that fathers are more likely to be playmates and engage in stimulating activity in comparison to mothers


How does Lamb support the role of the father?

Lamb found that when children are happy they prefer interacting with their dads, but mums are preferred when they are not happy, suggesting different roles for each parent


How could Hardy not support the role of the father?

Hardy found dads were not as good as mums in detecting distress in children


How can you apply the role of the father to real life?

Secure attachment to the father has positive benefits for the child, including being able to form better social relationships and having more emotional control


What is a negative real world application of the role of the father?

Lack of a father has been shown to lead to negative outcomes such as higher aggression and risk taking especially in boys


What did Schaffer and emerson suggest about the role of the father as a primary attachment figure?

Fathers were less likely to be primary attachment figures than mothers. This could be because they spend less time with their infants. Men are not psychologically equipped - lack of emotional sensitivity. Cultural expectations - sex stereotypes, ideology that it is feminine to be sensitive


What is the role of the father as a secondary attachment figure?

Playful, physically active, generally better at providing challenging situations for the children
Help children foster problem solving skills by making greater communicative and cognitive demands on children