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Who is the owner of Sworn/Corrections Recruitment and Selection?

Commanding Officer of Recruitment and
Selection Unit


Applicants who fail any portion of the selection process and/or whose applications are suspended may reapply for the full selection process at the discretion of the _______and / or _________.

Chief of Professional Standards and / or Chief of Human Resources


The Chief of Professional Standards deals with which employees during the selection process?

sworn , corrections personnel, judicial officers,
bailiffs, reserve officers, and community service officers


The Chief of Human Resources deals with which employees during the selection process?

civilian, appointed, and special purpose employees


Applicants no longer eligible for employment and for whom processing is suspended because of failure to pass a component of the selection process shall be informed in writing of the specific reason within __ calendar days.



Records of applicants who are ineligible for employment or applicants who are eligible but not selected for probationary employment, shall be retained a minimum of ___ years.



In order to ensure that the most effective selection process is used, the ______ shall evaluate the selection process, at least, ______ and make modifications as needed.

Chief of Professional Standards


The ____ ____ is responsible for scheduling the physical examinations for applicants to be employed in civilian (appointed or part-time) positions throughout
the Sheriff’s Office.

Civilian Recruiter


The ________ _______ staff is responsible for scheduling physical examinations for applicants to be employed as police officers, correctional officers, community service officers, judicial officers, and sworn bailiffs.

Recruiting/Selection Unit


The recruiting staff will use the assistance of the _____ ______ to provide Oral Board participants.

division chiefs


Oral Board participants are Limited to one Oral Board term in a ___ months period; (term meaning a
period of time needed to select a particular class i.e. BLE 0216 )



Applicants will be advised of the results of the polygraph examination by the ____ ____ ____.

Human Resources Division


The Personnel File label shall be color-coded and completed as follows: 5 different

Salmon - Law Enforcement Officer
Green - Correctional Officer
Blue - Police Emergency Communications Officer, Police Services Technician

White - Support personnel, Part-Time, Temporary
Yellow – Reserves