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How is romanticism different from restoration

Restoration: focused on society as a whole, respect for human institutions and state,respect for reason and common sense, adult concerns upper class, order and sophistication, order logic and reality based


Jean Jacques Rousseau

- noble savage = every person is born good
- society makes ppl bad
- let's move away from society bc that makes us bad


William Blake

- saw visions at 20 saw brothers soul leave to heaven
- self published artist
- wrote songs of innocence and songs of experience


Songs of innocence

Poems he wrote growing up, self illustrated and self published


Songs of experience

Takes some ideas of songs of innocence and looks at them form the other side w more experience point of view


William Wordsworth

- orphan and cared for his sister Dorothy
- grew up in Lake District of England inspired there
- father of romanticism
- wrote lyrical ballads - nature portion


Samuel Taylor Coleridge

- wanted utopian society in pen
- boarding school made him have anxiety and depression also had bad marriage
- prescribed opium and highly addicted to it


Percy Shelley

Got into Oxford but kicked out for atheism publication
- decided to be Harriet's (incredibly depressed love) savior
- has 2 kids but leaves Harriet
- Mary and Percy move to Italy
- dies in boating accident



- born with club foot
- upper class , mocked by classmates
- turns into mad bad and dangerous to know
- rumors of relationship w sister moves to Italy friends w the shellys
- inspired stock character - Byronic hero


Byronic hero

- troubled past
- mysterious
- outcast, comes off arrogant
- in reality is smart and nice


John Keats

- At his death bed his says his name was written in water. Didn't make a permanent impact
- His life wasn't fully complete bc liar with 4/7 strings , knew he was gonna die so he made these statements on gravestone
- not successful poet during his lifetime
- mother and bro die of tuberculosis then him


Main message of lamb and Tyger

- who created u?
- apostrophe
- how could have God created something so vicious and so nice?


Main message of Holy Thursday

- there are children from an orphanage going to sing at cathedral
Innocence : flowers, mighty wind, no signs of evil
Experience : no happiness for these children, they just gotta go back to the hospital , wrong to use for entertainment


Main message of wandered lonely as a cloud

- Wondering in a meadow with a lake and daffodil flowers that looked like they were dancing bc the wind blowing
- When he's at home on his couch he can close his eyes and picture the daffodils dancing and feel pleasure/happy again


Main message of the tables turned

- stop reading about life go experience it!!!
- individual person should, be more spontaneous
- quit studying and learn from around u nature teaches


Main message of London 1802

- Milton come back here and help people we are hopeless
- people are selfish
- praise Milton. Calls him humble
- England is In a state of trouble and Wordsworth wishes people like Milton were around - pure, humble, people but instead people lack happiness and are selfish


Main idea of the world is too much with us

- there's a disconnect between people and nature
- human beings don't appreciate nature
- Wordsworth would rather be a pagan bc they believe in many forms of God example God of Thunder = more connected w nature


Ozymandias summary

- traveller tells story about fragmented statue in the middle of the desert
- stern face
- doesn't look awesome just sand as far as the eye can se


Main message of when we 2 parted

- Byron was in secret relationship
- regrets relationship, every time he hears name of woman it's like death bell
- people talk about the woman in front of him bc they don't know they were together
- grieves in silence


Main message of when I have fears that I may cease to be

- Keats : I'm gonna die w all these poems in my head and not able to write them down.
- I'm gonna die before adventures in my life
- I'm not gonna see my wife again
whenever he gets into this mood, he goes to the shore / ocean and he thinks until these problems that he has don't matter anymore. The ocean is enormous, you're one single person and u can't do anything. The world is huge and u are tiny


Main plot of bright star

He wishes he was as still and unchanging and permanent as the star bc he himself is dying
He doesn't wanna be lonely like the star or isolated
The star is looking at stuff but not being a part of it
He wants to be like the star bc then he won't be dying and he can spend his life permanently w his love


Characteristics of romanticism

I individual
N atur
E motion
H umble subjects
I magination
S upernatura land exotic


Praise of the individual

- London 1802: praising Milton as an individual
- when I have fears that I may cease 2 be :
whenever he gets into this mood, he goes to the shore / ocean and he thinks until these problems that he has don't matter anymore. The ocean is enormous, you're one single person and u can't do anything. The world is huge and u are tiny
- when we 2 parted : he sit and grieve in silence



- tables turned: stop looking at ur books so much and learn from nature
- Holy Thursday: children are like flowers bc so many of them, mighty wind when they sing to heaven, Eternal winter - it's always gonna be cold no good future
Sun shines and rain falls - shut off from everything
- mariner : Now that he shows respect and blesses sea snake his spell is broken. God loves creatures so we gotta love creatures



- when we 2 parted : I grieve in silence, silence and tears , emotionally conflicted down heart
- bright star:
- London 1802: we are all selfish!!


Humble subjects

- London 1802 they say Milton humble they need ppl like that
-ozymandias is opposite, the guy in the statue was not humble
- lamb : humble, innocent, made by Jesus , tender voice


Supernatural and exotic

- ancient mariner
- wandered lonely as a cloud : daffodils move


Imagination⛅️💭💬 characteristic of romanticism ❤️

- wandered lonely as a ☁️ : imagines the daffodils and feels happy😊🌸
- when we 2 part : intense passion🔥🔥🔥 he will cry in silence😓😓😓 alone
- bright ⭐️ : imagine himself as star, unchanging, resting on his ❤️