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- Equal stanza length > God is fair/equal/unchangeable

- Quatrains

- Iambic

- Last stanza returns to iambic

- Change in tone in 3rd stanza > serious/dark


- Cried so much they can’t see

- Cannot see the other side

- Cannot see anyway out

- Frustration / Rejection

- Rossetti’s religious doubt

“Blinded by tears”


- Twigs cannot regrow > no redemption allowed… REJECTION

- Twigs fall from trees just like she has fallen from existence and the safety of God

- or fallen like FALLEN WOMEN

“One small twig from shrub or tree”


- Lifeless, contradicts imagery of life previously

- Changed tone; suggests how God suddenly changed on her, distrust??? RELIGIOUS DOUBT

- Not leaving a trace behind, just like fallen women, erased from life

“Shadowless spirit”


- Not like anyone else

- Doesn’t fit in

- Rossetti not conforming with her family

“Outcast state”


- Contradictory

- Stanza 1: “My Garden” > life thriving, sudden change

- Twigs cannot regrow, this is the end of the road

“One small twig from shrub or tree”