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What is the advice on folic acid?

•folic acid 400mcg should be given from before conception until 12 weeks to reduce the risk of neural tube defects.

Women at risk should take 5mg


What is the advice on Vit D?

take a supplement as advised in the healthy start supplement, 10 mcg


What antismoking stuff can be used?

•NRT may be used but woman must have stopped smoking and risks/benefits need to be discussed
•nOTr varenicline or bupropion


What food shouldn't be eaten?

•listeriosis: avoid unpasteurised milk, ripened soft cheeses (Camembert, Brie, blue-veined cheeses), pate or undercooked meat
•salmonella: avoid raw or partially cooked eggs and meat, especially poultry
Lliver: vit A


Natural remedies for nausea and vom?

Ginger and pressure bands
Antihistamines (promethazine)


How many antenatal vistis exist>

10 in primip
7 ni subsequent (if uncomplicated)


When is booking visit? What happens?

8-12 weeks

Booking visit
•general information e.g. diet, alcohol, smoking, folic acid, vitamin D, antenatal classes
•BP, urine dipstick, check BMI
Booking bloods/urine
•FBC, blood group, rhesus status, red cell alloantibodies, haemoglobinopathies
•hepatitis B, syphilis, rubella
•HIV test is offered to all women
•urine culture to detect asymptomatic bacteriuria


When is the first scan?

10 - 13+6 weeks


When is the second scan?

18 - 20+6 weeks


What happens at 28 weeks?

Routine care: BP, urine dipstick, SFH
Second screen for anaemia and atypical red cell alloantibodies. If Hb < 10.5 g/dl consider iron
First dose of anti-D prophylaxis to rhesus negative women


When is the second dose of antiD?

34 wk


When is ECV offered?