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What is a Learners licence and what are the conditions?

Allowed to drive on roads under conditions: must be accompanied by a 2 year full licensed driver and 2 L plates on vehicle. Must show license on demand


What is a Restricted license and what is the conditions?

Allowed to drive on roads under conditions: when driving past 10pm - 5am driver must be accompanied by 2 year full licensed person. No passengers unless family members, partners, dependants. Must have license


What is the Time limit for holding a learner or restricted license?

Expires after 5 years if not upgraded then you re-sit theory test


What is the penalty for Failing to comply restricted/ learner conditions? Section 31(b)

$100 and 35 demerit points. $55 infringement offence


What is the penalty for have No drivers license or fail to produce a license?

Maximum penalty is not exceeding $1000 dollars


What is the penalty for Driving while disqualified?

First or second offence: 3 months imprisonment or a fine of $4500 and six months disqualification.

Third or more offence: 2 years imprisonment or a fine of $6000 and 1 year driving disqualification


Contravening instructions of an officer section 52(1)(a)

Under section 52(1) it’s an offence if a driver of vehicle fails to remain stopped. (a)


What are the 4 unacceptable driving standards?

Inconsiderate driving.
Careless driving.
Dangerous driving.
Reckless driving.


What is Boy racing?

Illegal races, unnecessary exhibition of speed, or pour substances on to the road.


What is the flow chart for Inconsiderate or careless use? section 37

Operates - a vehicle - on a road - carelessly OR without reasonable consideration for other road uses


What is the Penalty and arrest power for inconsiderate driving is..

$3000 fine. Court may order disqualification. No power of arrest


What is an example of careless driving?

Falling below the driving standards of a reason prudent motorist. Indicating left but goes right. Driving tired etc


What is Dangerous driving?

Driving in a manner or speed which was or might have been dangerous to anyone. Travelling at 80kph in a 40kph road at 08:30 near a school


What is Reckless driving?

Knowingly disregarding one duty as a driver. Deliberately running unjustifiable risk of injury or collision.
Trying to out run police car. Endanger public


The flow chart for Reckless or dangerous driving is…

Operates> A motor vehicle> on a road> recklessly OR in a manner/speed which may be dangerous to any public/ any person