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Initial driver responsibility flow chart

Where an accident arising
directly or indirectly from the
operation> of a vehicle occurs to
a person OR vehicle.> The driver or rider must STOP their vehicle> Ascertain whether anyone is injured> Render all practical assistance to anyone who is injured or killed.


What is the Penalty for reckless driving no injuries received?

3 months imprisonment/ $4500 fine - min 6 months DQ.

section 35(1)(c)


What is the Penalty for reckless driving which caused injury or death?

5 years imprisonment / $20000 fine - min 1 year DQ.

section 36(1)(a) and (2)


Duty to report injury which injury or death has occurred?

Must report accident in person to. Nearest station. no later than 24 hours after the crash. Unless the driver or rider is incapable of doing so.

LTA 1998 sect 22(3)


Duty to report damage if owner of property/vehicle is not present at the time?

Crash > damage to vehicle/property > belongs to another person > driver or rider must > WITHIN 48 HOURS report to owner (unless injured) > name, addy, rego #, location > if owner can’t be identified, report to STATION OR OFFICER WITHIN 60 hours.

LTA 1998 section 22(4)


What is the Penalty if you fail to to report an accident involving death or injury?

Fine not exceeding $5000

sec 47(3)(4)


What are the 2 primary obligations?

Stop and ascertain injury


What is the meaning of Ascertain?

Looking to see whether anyone is injured


If crashed into another persons property what powers do you have?

Power to demand the identity of the driver from the registered owner of a motor vehicle under section 118(1) LTA.


If crashed into a property what is the time frame the person has to comply by?

14 days to comply.

Under section 118(3)