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What are the four of the main arguments for the existence of God?

-The design argument
-The anthropic argument
-The cosmological argument
-The moral argument


Why are the arguments about the existence of God valueble?

They enable people to consider whether belief in God is reasonable. Christianity requires faith, but the arguments also demonstrate logical ways for God to exist. This allows for discussion about his existence.


What's the teleological argument/ the design argument?

The nature world is so complex and intricate that it could only have been achieved through intelligent design. This means there must be an intelligent being who designed it: God. It's also known as the design argument, and is supported by other arguments eg. Paley's watch.


How can experiences of awe and wonder support the teleological argument?

The observation of the natural world can create fascination and awe, which can be a revelation. It's intricate and complicated, so it can move some to believe in a designer God.


What is Paley's watch?

If you are walking and found a watch, you would see how to interact with it. All the parts work together to meet a purpose. This couldn't be a result of an accident, and the reasonable conclusion is that it's the work of a designer. The same is true of the world and nature, so the world must have a designer; God


How did Mill refute the teleological argument?

John Stuart Mill said that there is cruelty in nature eg. animals efficient at killing others. There are also natural disasters due to faults in the Earths structure. He said this was evidence of a bad design,so if God existed he would be cruel and therefor deserves no worship.


What is the anthropic principle?

The world is so perfectly structured to ensure that life would develop. Evolution is further evidence for a designer, producing increasingly complex life forms, eventually with a conscience. Evolution was guided by God. The chance of humans existing by chance is so low that there must have been a creator.


What is the cosmological argument?

There is no event in the natural world without a cause; everything is created by something else, like an arrow shot from a bow. The universe must therefore also have a cause. There must be a prime mover or first cause, who himself has no cause. We call this person God.


What is the moral argument?

When we do something wrong, we have a sense of guilt. This is the voice of God speaking through our conscience, enabling people to know what is right and wrong. Because of free will people can ignore their conscience, but God's voice reminds us we are responsible to him. Without God there would be no inner scene of right and wrong.


What is the soul-making argument?

Humans make decisions about what is right, learning from suffering and evil to act in a way to please God. This process would continue after death. Through moral decisions a person's soul can develop. Some Christians reject this as it does not fit with the belief that God judges people after death.


Why do Christians choose to live an ethical life?

They want to show obedience to God and please him, in order to demonstrate the authority and worth they give to God. Jesus helped people on Earth so Christians follow him.


How do some Christians choose to live ethically?

-Buying products with recycled materials
-Buying Fair Trace produces
-Promoting reforestation
-Giving to charity


How is God revealed through scripture?

The Bible is written by many people, but to many Christians is the World of God. There are different interpretations on how much influence God had on the Bible.


What is a literal interpretation of the Bible?

The Bile is literally God's words recorded on the page. There are no mistakes and it is all true,as God is infallible. When it contradicts with science, the Bible takes authority. Christians like that are fundamentals or literals. Some Christians try to live strictly according to the Bible, eg. the Amish community.


What are conservative interpretations of the Bible?

The Bible writers were inspired by God but were only humans, so there may be mistakes. They are writing from a point in history, so it needs to be interpreted today. Some stories may be myths in order to teach a message. The authority of the scripture still comes from God, not through the Church. Decisions conflicting with biblical teachings should be rejected


What are liberal interpretations of the Bible?

Bible stories are mythical and symbolic. Scientist have a better understanding of the world than anything in the Bible. The Bible is an account of the writers' lives and encounters with God to provide guidance and inspirational. There is no claim of it being without errors. Each person's interpretation is important


How is God revealed through Jesus?

Jesus is God incarnate, he was on Earth and showed us what God is like. It showed his love for humanity , as he look limitations to teach people, provide an example and show God's love. He was prefect and fully God still Humans could understand Jesus, so God had been literally seen and recorded in the New Testament.


What is a miracle?

A supernatural act or event that brings about good.


What are the four types of miracles?

Healing miracles- when an unwell person immediately returns to health, or recovers after being told by doctors that they are dying and incurable.
Miracles over nature- when natural elements are controlled.
Raising the dead- when someone declared dead returns to life.
Exorcisms- when someone possessed by an evil spirit had it sent out of their body.


What are modern day miracles?

Miracles performed today by God, just like in Biblical accounts. Many Christians pray for interventions from God, reinforcing the personal relationship.


What is Lourdes?

It is a site in the south of France, important for Catholics. Bernadette claimed to see the Virgin Mary there, and it became site of pilgrimage.


Why do some Christians not accept modern miracles?

God revealed himself through Jesus and the Bible, so further revelation is unnecessary. Miracles seem random and immoral, as God heals some but not others. God created the laws of nature so has no need to constantly intervene and break them.


How can meeting inspirational people effect some people?

They hear the way that God has worked in the life of an inspirational person. They may sense God's presence from them and be inspired and encouraged in their own faith.


What are some examples of figures inspirational to Christians?

Mother Theresa- a nun who helped the poor in the slums of India


What are religious experiences?

When people claim to have had some kind of direct encounter with God eg. visions, mystical experiences with awe and wonder and religious experiences which cause a person to gain faith.


What are conversion?

Experiences that cause a person to adopt a belief in God, with a new scene of direction in life with God at the center. It may cause them to change their behavior and choices.


What was Paul's conversion?

Saul was a man threatening the disciples. He saw light from heaven and God spoke to him, asking him why he persecuted Him. Saul was blinded and traveled to Damascus, where his sight was restored. He changed his name to Paul and spent his life spreading the Christian faith. The story is documented in Acts 9


What are mystical experiences?

An experience where a believer feels an overwhelming awareness of the presence of God feeling awe and wonder. They're unique, sometimes causing a scene of peace and oneness of God. Experiences are left in no doubt that God is real, strengthening faith for the person but nobody else. Some Christians downplay them as they imply that the World of God and Jesus are not enough.


What are visions?

A religious experience where someone claims they can see something supernatural. This isn't visible to others, but some say they see their visions in the same way as they see other things in the natural world. Some hear voices as well. Some reject them as they are adding something new to what is revealed in the Bible, which is against its teachings.


What are charismatic and ecstatic experiences?

They're a type of altered state of mind, as people become less aware of the world around them and experience intense emotional and spiritual feelings about God. Some see visions in their trance. Large groups of people may experience ecstasies, known as revival. Charismatic Churches use the term "slain in the Spirit", where people fall backward, overcome by the Holy Spirit.


What is baptism in the Holy Spirit?

It's used by Pentecostal Churches. It's an experience where a believer gives control to the Holy Spirit after conversion. They came to know Christ in a more personal way, being filled with the Spirit's power. It's an action of God's grace.


What's glossolalia?

Speaking in tongues, it stems from a Pentecostal belief that they are equipped with the gifts of the Spirit, including prophecy, healing and speaking in tongues. It's miraculously speaking in an ecstatic (non human) language unknown to the speaker by the Spirit, it allows believers to worship God.