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What does the word Islam mean?

Submission to the will of Allah


Which stand of Muslims follow the 5 pillars of Islam?

Sunni Islam


Which stand of Muslims follow the 10 Obligatory Acts?

Shi'a Islam


What are the 5 pillars of Islam?

- Sawm, fasting in Ramadan.
- Zakah, giving to charity.
- Shahdah, the Declaration of faith -> most important.
- Salat, praying.
- Hajj, pilgrimage.


What are the words of the SHAHDAH?

"There is no God but Allah, and Muhammad is his prophet"


What are the 10 Obligatory Acts of Shi'a?

- Khums, 20% instead of Sunni's 2.5% for charity.
- Jihad, dying in the way that takes Muslims to paradise.
- Amr-bil-maroof, commanding what is right.
- Nahi anil munkar, forbidding what is wrong.
- Tawalla, expressing love towards good.
- Tabarra, expressing disassociation and hatred towards evil.


Why is the Shahadah the most important pillar of Islam?

- only pillar that's not an action.
- embodies idea of Tawhid.
- shows importance of monotheism and the prophet Muhammad.
- to place anything above Allah is to commit the sin of Shirh.
- by confessing the Shahadah a Muslim professes the Muslim faith.
- it the intention to submit to the will of Allah.
- it is said to a dying person.



- carried out 5 times a day.
- believed to be the first duty given by Allah.
- one of the 5 pillars of Islam (Sunni) and one of the 10 Obligatory Acts (Shi'a).
- one of Allah's 99 names is "the hearer".
- it is the direct communication with Allah, gains his favour.


What are the times of prayer?

- Fajr, morning.
- Zuhr, midday.
- Asr, late afternoon.
- Maghrib, prayer before sunset.
- Ishaa, night.


Where should prayer preferably be done?

In a mosque, if done alone the place must be clean and suitable.


What is call to the prayer know as and who is this made by?

Call to prayer known as the adhan, made by Muezzin.


What is used to faced Mecca?



What is the second call made inside the mosque.