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Write down the steps and formula:

Imagery questions

1. Quote the image and identify technique
2. Identify what is being compared.
3. Give denotation of literal root.
4. Compare back using connotations.
3. What is the effect/what does this suggest? (Link to question)

The writer has used a __________ to compare __________ to ___________.
Just as _________ is ___________, so ____________.
This suggests/emphasises ______________.


Write down the steps and the formula:

Word choice questions

1. Quote the word/phrase
2. What is the denotation?
3. What are the connotations?
4. Link to question.

"____________" describes ___________.
It suggests ________________.


Write down the steps and the formula:

Context questions

1. Give the definition of the word
2. Quote and explain the clues which made this clear.

The word/phrase "__________" means _________.
The context makes this clear as it says ______________.


Write down the steps and the formula:

Link Questions

1. Quote and explain the part of the sentence that links back to the previous paragraph.
2, Quote and explain the part of the sentence that links forward to the next paragraph.

The word/phrase "_________" links back to _________, which was discussed in the previous paragraph.
The word/phrase "_________" links forward to _________, which is discussed in the next paragraph.


Write down the steps:

In your own words questions

Explain what a word or expression in the passage means.
Explain what point the writer is making.
Show that you understand a piece of information from the passage.
Consider: synonyms, antonyms, definitions.


Write down the steps:

Summarising questions

Use bullet points.
Keep answers short.
Use your own words.
Do not give specific details.


Write down the steps:

Tone questions

1. Identify a tone.
2. Quote words/phrases which create that tone.
3. Explain how the words/phrases you have quoted create that tone (consider word choice, imagery, sentence structure, punctuation)
4. Link to question.


Write down the steps:

Sentence Structure questions

1. Quote the sentence structure (repeated word/ parenthesis/ list/ inversion etc.)
2. Identify type of sentence structure.
3. Explain the effect of the sentence structure.
4. Link to question.