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Which character kneels "evidently in prayer" at the start of Act 1?

Reverend Parris


What is the name of Parris' slave? Where is she from?

Tituba. Barbados.


What is the name of Parris' neice?



What does Parris believe he saw the girls doing that night?

Dancing, one girl was naked.


Why is Parris worried that news of the dancing might get out into the village?

He believes there is a group, a "faction" who are trying to drive him out of his job.


Which girls are reported sick at the start?

Betty Parris and Ruth Putnam


Why did Mrs Putnam send Ruth to see Tituba?

To conjure her dead babies. She wants to know who murdered them.


Who has Abigail being having an affair with?

John Proctor


What does Abigail say is the cause of Betty's illness?

Reverend Parris jumped out on the girls and Betty was frightened.


Why has Reverend Hale been summoned to Salem?

To disprove the rumour that there are witches in Salem.


What does Rebecca believe is the cause of the "illness"?

She believes that someone has sinned. Or that they are being punished by God for something they have done. She says "let us rather blame ourselves".


Why does Tituba confess?

She is pressured - she is told she would be whipped and hanged if she did not.


What are the first three names the girls shout out as being witches?

Sarah Good, Bridget Bishop, George Jacobs


What does Proctor add to the soup to make it taste better?

A pinch of salt.


How many people does Elizabeth tell John are in the jail now?



What does Mary Warren give Elizabeth?

A poppet or doll.


What news does Mary bring of the court?

Goody Osborne will hang but Sarah Good will not because she confessed.


What evidence is Good Osborne convicted with?

She mumbles and cannot remember her 10 commandments.


Why does Hale visit the Proctors?

Elizabeth has been mentioned in court. Hale wants to speak with the villagers so he can make his own judgement.


On what grounds is Elizabeth arrested?

Abigail was stabbed in the stomach with a needle. A needle was found in the stomach of the doll given to Elizabeth by Mary Warren.


Which other respectable Salem women were arrested that night?

Rebecca Nurse and Martha Corey.


Who is the head judge?

Deputy Governor Danforth


What are Giles, Francis Nurse and John Proctor trying to do in Act 3?

Free their wives and prove the girls are lying.


Why is Giles arrested?

He will not give up the name of his informant. If he does he knows that the informant will be arrested.


What does Mary Warren tell Danforth?

That she never saw any spirits and that she was making it up.


How do the girls try to discredit Mary Warren?

They pretend she is bewitching them.


How does Proctor stop the girls from pretending the see Mary Warren's spirit?

He tells the court he had an affair with Abigail.


What does Elizabeth say when asked about Proctor's affair?

That he is a good man. She thought she saw him turning from her. But that he did not have an affair.


Who is in the cell at the start of Act 4 and what are they waiting for?

Tituba and Sarah Good. They are waiting for the Devil to take them to Barbados.


Why has Parris been praying with the prisoners all night?

He wants one to confess so that it looks like witchcraft is real. He fears for his life as people do not believe the accusations are real and blame him for it.