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Who were the Okhrana?

The Tsar's secret police


When was the first series of demonstrations and strikes?



What was the Duma

A parliament of two houses, one elected by the people and the other of nobles appointed by the Tsar. They were to advise him.


Who was Rasputin?

He helped Alexi, the Tsar and Tsarina's son, with his haemophilia. They began to rely on him but many didn't like him as he came from a peasant family.


When did the army stop their loyalty to the Tsar?

26th February, the day after 200,000 people marched through Petrograd. The people and the army worked together to over throw the Tsar.


When was the Provisional Government formed?

On 2rd March in 1917. This government would have the support of the powerful Petrograd Soviet.


What year did the Tsar abdicate?

1917 on his way back to Petrograd.


What had the Provisional Government done by April?

Introduced an 8 hour working day
Made it legal for people to form political parties and hold public meetings
Released public prisoners
But they didn't pull Russia out of WW1


Who was Lenin?

He was the leader of the Bolsheviks, he came back to Russia from exile. He didn't want people to co-operate with the P.G. He came up with his April Theses and told them to the Petrograd Soviet when he came back, not many people agreed with him at first but they came around.


What were the second Provisional Government?

On 5th of May 1917 the second P.G was formed. It had members from all the main political groups except from the Bolsheviks. Members of the Petrograd Soviet joined the P.G.


What were the July Days?

In July 1917, there was an unplanned rising in Petrograd. People were unhappy with the bread rationing, the war, and the P.G lack of reforms. Trotsky and other Bolshevik leaders were arrested but Lenin escaped but went into hiding.


What was the 3rd P.G?

After the July Days a new P.G was formed and was led by Kerensky, who was in the P.G from the start who stayed.


What happened during Kornilov's revolt?

On 28th August Kerensky set Kornilov against the Bolsheviks. Telling each side and thinking he would become the hero but the Bolsheviks were seen as the heroes.


When did Lenin return to Petrograd?

10th October


What were the CPC and the CEC?

They were announced in late October, a new Council of People's Commissions and they would rule by decree, Lenin as chairman. The Congress of Soviets elected a new group, the Central Executive Committee, to check the power of the CPC. Both groups had the Bolshevik majority.


What happened at the constituent assembly?

On 5th January 1918 the Bolsheviks shut down the assembly with the red guards because other parties were arguing against the Bolsheviks. Lenin and the CPC were now running the country.


Who were Lenin's secret police?

The Checka


When did the civil war break out?



When was the red army formed?



When did the civil war end?

In April 1920 but some Whites kept fighting into 1921 but they were no serious threat.


What is war communism?

Taking control of all food and distributing it to the army fist and taking over all factories with over 10 workers, to control war supplies.


When was the year of crisis?



When did they introduce the NEP?



When did Lenin die?

21 January 1924


Who was the last Tsar

Nicholas II, he became the Tsar in 1894