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150ft MSL


Priority at Night

NVD aircraft have priority over unaided aircraft


Inbound Traffic and EPs

shall not conduct simulated engine failures at altitude south of Tower 438 field with the exception of engine failures while splitting the field


Crash Crew Location

west side of the field


Max Number of Aircraft

12 total

8 on the normal approach side

(max of 3 in Low Work Area, max of 5 on the landing spots)

4 in the autorotation side


Pattern Entry

shall be made by splitting the field directly over the Maltese Cross for the course in use


Low Work Area

located in the southeast quadrant of the field for all courses

all low work shall be performed in this area


No landings shall be made...

no landings shall be made to any of the drainage ditches


Course Rules from NDZ

  • Point Able
  • Point Fish
  • Right to intercept the northeast corner of Tower 438
  • Abeam Tower 438 "Tower 438 inbound"
  • Crossing HWY 90 descend to 700ft MSL, Landing Checklist, circle to split

Restricted Area 2915A is approximately one mile east of Santa Rosa



aircraft shall depart from the pattern at the northwest corner of the field and report "Departing" to the AODO


Santa Rosa to NDZ

If accepting Vertol:

  • Depart northwest corner
  • Climb to 700ft MSL
  • Turn to follow I-10 westbound to HWY 87
  • NDZ Tower "South Tower, callsign, accepting Vertol? with negative information"
  • If accepting, Tower says, "callsign, report Bell, landing XX, altimeter"

If not accepting Vertol:

  • Depart northwest corner
  • Climb to 900ft MSL
  • Turn to follow I-10 westbound to Point Echo
  • At Point Echo "Point Echo with ATIS code"
  • Turn to approx 300 direct to Point Hughes (900ft, 100KIAS)
  • At Point Hughes turn north to follow HWY 89 to Point Igor