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151ft MSL


Max Number of Aircraft

14 total

5 in the left pattern

5 in the right pattern

4 in the low work area on either side

do not include aircraft refueling or entering the patterns to depart


Pattern Entry

over flying the centerline of the field in the direction of the course in use

fly downwind outside the field boundary

adjust pattern, if necessary, to avoid flying over Pace High School



Aircraft splitting to the Apex...

shall cross the downwind field boundary at 350-400ft MSL and 45-50 KIAS


No Man's Land

only inital approaches to the apex for the infield "splitting the apex" and taxi resplitting of the field are permitted

no other maneuvers permitted

taxi resplitting aircraft shall give way to "splitting to the apex" traffic



Course 090/180 utilize the North Pad

Course 270-360 utilize the South Pad


Course Rules to Spencer

  • Point Baker
  • Point Pond
  • Turn to approx 250 direct to Pond Creek Bridge
  • At Point Pond report "working the channel" or "transiting the channel" to Spencer AODO
  • Report "Pond Creek Bridge Inbound" to AODO and turn southbound
  • Descend to 700ft MSL after crossing power lines
  • Landing Checklist
  • Split 
  • Shall not cross the southeastern departure corner


Spencer to NDZ

(southeast departure)

  • Depart the southeast corner of the field "Departing"
  • Turn south to intercept HWY 90 on a perpendicular course
  • Climb to 900ft MSL, 100 KIAS
  • At Point Whiskey "Point Whiskey, with ATIS code" to Tower
  • Remain directly over HWY 90 and follow it to Point Hughes (900ft, 100 KIAS)
  • At Point Hughes, turn north to follow HWy 89 to Point Igor


Alternate Departure to NDZ

  • Depart northeast corner for courses 360/180/090
  • Depart northwest corner for 27 (to avoid inbound traffic)
  • Report "Departing to the North"
  • Turn north to intercept the power lines on a perpendicular course, climb to 700ft MSL and 100 KIAS
  • Prior to Point Fog - BAST
  • At Point Fog "Point Fog Inbound, with ATIS code"
  • Continue to Point Igor 


North Working Area Boundaries


  • HWY 178 (east/west rd from NY to HWY 89)


  • Pace Course Rules


  • HWY 89


  • HWY 197 (Chumuckla HWY)