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What are the 5 mother sauces?

Bechamel, hollandaise, velouté, espagnole, tomato


How do you make a be bechamel sauce?

Fasten bay leaf to onion with clove. Put onion in saucepan with milk and heat just below boiling

Make a blonde roux (butter and whisk in flour)

Add milk to roux. Whisk - no lumps. Cook 15 min low heat. Strain and season (salt white pepper, nutmeg)


What are variations of bechamel sauce?

Mornay: has cheese added -- Gruyere and Parmesan

Soubise: has sweated onions added


How do you make Hollandaise sauce?

Whisk egg yolks, water, salt and pepper until light and foamy

Place bowl over low heat and whisk rapidly until triples in volume and can see bottom of bowl.

Remove from heat and whisk a few sec to dissipate heat

Whisk all clarified butter in stream until sauce is smooth and thick. Add lemon juice and adjust seasoning.


How can you keep Hollandaise warm?

Over warm water covered or thermos rinsed with warm water.


What are two variations of Hollandaise?

Sauce Mousseline and Maltaise


What does Velouté mean?



Process for making velouté

Bring stock to simmer

Make pale blonde roux

Whisk stock into roux. Cook low heat for 30 min, skimming as needed.

Strain and season


What are the ingredients of mirepoix and their standard portions?

2 onions
1 celery
1 carrot


What is the function of a roux, what is the role of each component?

Thickens and adds body to a sauce

Flour is the thickener
Butter provides fat which is the medium for flour dispersal


How is Hollandaise made different than Bearnaise?

Bearnaise- you start by making a beurre blanc and finish as if you're making a Hollandaise.


Describe 2 variations of Bearnaise

Sauce paloise: sub mint for tarragon and chervil

Sauce choron: three parts Bearnaise to one part tomato purée


How is Demi-glacé made?

Combine espagnole and veal stock, and reduce until thick


What is glacé de viande

Meat stock that is reduced until very thick


How do you make a double brown chicken stock?

Roast all chicken bones until brown
Deglaze roasting pan
Add bones and pan deglaze to pot with chicken stock
Simmer and skim
Ass mirepoix and bouquet garni and tomato paste
Simmer and strain


Standard ratio of ingredients in a vinaigrette?

3:1 fat to vinegar

Might vary depending on other ingredients (e.g. Eggs, orange juice, etc.)


How do you make crème anglaise?

Infuse vanilla bean and milk. Remove bean and scrape seeds into milk

Whisk yolks, sugar and salt until blended. Slowly whisk milk into mixture. Pour into saucepan.

Low heat and stir with wooden spoon until thickens and coats spoon.

Strain into bowl and cool.


3 methods for thickening a liquid

Reduction - creates depth of flavor
Beurre Maine - flour/butter
Rice- starch


What is sabayon?

Egg yolk foam sauce


Why is reduction used in beurre blanc and Bearnaise?

Thickens and Mellows wine,vinegar and vermouth


Function of egg yolks in mayo

Create the base of the mayo


Function of egg yolks in Hollandaise

Are the main component and create the body of the sauce


Function of egg yolks in crème anglaise

Binding agent for sugar and milk - allows it to set


Function of egg yolks in bouille

Adds fat


How to make a velouté soup



When to knife test baked custard

When you're unmolding it