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Sayings of the heart

The heart loathes heat
The heart controls speech


Sayings of the spleen

The spleen governs the four limbs,
Transforms fluids for the stomach
Is the root of post heaven qi
Is the origins of birth and development
Raises clear yang upwards
Loathes dampness
Likes dryness


Sayings of the lung

Lung controls the 100 vessels
Loathes cold
Lung governs the voice and is a delicate organ


Sayings of the kidneys

Control opening and closing
Kidneys control strength and skill
KD are the root of pre heaven qi
KD loathe dryness
KD are the gate of the st


Liver sayings

Liver is
The resolute organ
Influence rising and growing
Controls planning
Is a regulating balancing harmonizing organ
Loathes wind
Can cause convulsions
Arise from the left side