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Greatest yin is what time?

Midnight, darkest dark


Yin within yang is from what time to what

12 pm -6 pm


Yin within yin is what time to what?

6pm -12 am


Yang within yin is what time to what time?

12 am to 6 am
Yang growing in the darkness


Yang within yang is what time to what time?

6 am to noon


Yang within yang pulses are

Floating, rapid, full, wiry, hasty, long move big, exterior and xs


Yin within yin pulses are

Xs Int
Deep, slow, empty, thin, choppy, scattered, weak, knotted, intermittent, shirt, nice, hollow, leather, scattered, hidden


Yang within yin pulses are

SLIPPERY! TIGHT confined pathogen is yin but xs (yang)


Yin within yang

SURGING Heat yang pathogen


Yin and yang interdependence

Yin: nutrient substance, structure
Yang: functional activities
Yin organs depend on yang organs to produce qi and blood
Yang organs depnedend on yin organs for their nourishment in driving qi blood andeseence


Mutual consuming examples of yin and yang

Xs yin: xs cold consumes yang esp sp yang
Xs yang: xs heat consumes fluid and leads to dryness

Consumption of yang: leads to cold and chill
Consumption of yin: leads to feelings of empty heat


Mutual consuming vs inter transformation comparison

Mutual consumption : quantities, balance and homeostasis
Inter transformation: qualitative, 8 principles change


Inter dependence classic quote

Yin remains inside to act as a guard for yang and yang states outsized to act as a servant for yin


Highest yang is what time?

12 pm, highest sun,