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FF “Bailout” and Emergency Rappelling during emergency operations is extremely dangerous and considered to be a “_” during any incident.

last resort


Nationally, these occurrences are infrequent and when executed have resulted in more _ firefighter injuries than choosing an alternative escape



Post incident investigations have suggested that these injuries are often _ and _?

preventable and avoidable


Department has (2) approved self-rescue techniques, “_ and _”, taught by certified International Association of Firefighters (IAFF), Fire Ground Survival (FGS) cadre members.

ladder bailout
window hang


the following shall be strictly adhered to while conducting above-ground firefighter survival training evolutions with approved rope system and equipment

Ensure a supervisor (Captain) is present throughout the entire training evolution.
Adhere to all procedures outlined in Book 29, Chapter 8, Rope Systems.
Clearly communicate training evolution objectives.
Identify a Technical Safety Officer to observe all activities and verify set up and connections of associated rope systems.
Conduct a safety check of all systems prior to “loading” any system.
Utilize a Main Line, Belay Line and Class III Full Body Harness in accordance with Book 29, Chapter 8, Rope Systems.


In no situation shall a _ Line commonly referred to as “_” be used for any component in an above-ground firefighter escape or rescue

5/16" Dacron Braided
Drop Bag


At no situation shall a “no-knot” or drop bag rope/line “_” be utilized in any firefighter escape or rescue rappelling training.



_, regardless of qualifications, are not authorized to endorse or approve personally acquired equipment.

Company Commanders


Personally procured safety equipment, ropes, carabiners and all other rappelling adjuncts are not authorized for use by the Department and shall not be used for _ or _

practice or training


Requests for consideration of testing new or proposed equipment shall be made through the Equipment Engineering Unit (EEU) at the _ and _, THROUGH CHANNELS.



All training shall be based on realistic based scenarios with clear intent of the _ for the training evolution.



Prior to training on any bailout or rescue situation, it is critical that all members have a thorough understanding of _ and _ procedures as well as Book 101 RIC

DB#15-11 Risk Management
Maydays procedures