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Name each feature...

And the additional ones from class

1. Corocoid Process

2. Suprascapular notch

3. Superior border

4. Supraspinous fossa

5. Superior angle/Superior condyle

6. Spine of scapula.

7. Medial border.

8. Infraspinous process

9. Inferior angle

10. Medial border

11. Glenoid fossa

12. Acromion

13.Greater scapular notch

14. Lateral angle

15. Lesser scapular notch

16. Triangular area of the bse of the spine of the scapula.



Name these 12 features.

1. Corocoid Process

2. Suprascapular notch

3. Superior border

4. Supraspinous fossa

5. Superior angle

6. Spine of scapula.

7. Medial border.

8. Infraspinous process

9. Inferior angle

10. Medial border

11. Glenoid fossa

12. Acromion


Name 12 features.


1. Acromium

2. Articular Surface for clavicle

3. Coracoid process

4. Suprascapular notch

5. Superior border

6. Superior angle

7. Medial border

8. Subscapular fossa

9. Inferior angle

10. Lateral border.

11. Infraglenoid tubercle

12. Glenoid cavity

13.Supraglenoid tubercle (biceps)

14. Articular facet for clavicle acromion process

15. Lesser scapular notch



The glenoid fossa is shaped like a what?

This causes a phiosological trade-off, what is the trade-of?

Glenoid fossa is shaped like a golf tee.

The glenohumeral joint sacrifices stability for flexibility and mobility.


Name the 3 transitional areas of the upper limb.

What is their function?

1. Axilla

2. Cubital fossa

3. Carpal tunnel.

Lots of vessels pass through these structures such as the brachial plexus.


Name three aspects of a comparison of the upper and lower limb functions.

1. Pectoral girdle is attached to the axial skeleton only anteriorly therefore very mobile.

2. Paired bones of forearm are able to move relative toe ach other (radius).

3. Hands have long mobile fingers and opposable thumbs


What determines scapular rotation?

What are the 4 scapular movements called?

Scapula rotates up and down. Rotation is determined by the glenoid fossa.


Protraction and retraction.

Abduction and adduction.


What are the 7 movements of the shoulder?

(3 pairs)




Medial rotation/Lateral rotation



What are the 4 motions of the forearm?



Pronation/Supination (bowl of soup)


What are the 5 motions of the wrist?


Abduction (lateral deviation)

Flexion (medial deviation)




What 3 muscles of the back attach the scapula to the trunk?



Levator scapulae



What 5 muscles attach the scapula and body wall to the humerus?


Pectoralis major

Pectoralis minor

Latissimuss dorsi

Teres major



WHat are the 4 rotator cuff muscles?

What two bones do they connect?

What is their function?





Teres minor

Connects the Scapula to the Humerus.

Rotator cuff provides stability. Also has strong ligamentous attachments at the joint.


What type of muscle are in the brachial anterior compartment?

What type of muscles are in th posterior compartment?





What is the possible pathology if the clavicle is broken?

What is the possible pathology of crutches under the arm?


If there is a fracture of the clavicle, structures that pass under the clavicle in the axilla space could be damaged.

Crutches under the armpit can crush structures that run through the axilla, such as the brachial plexus.


What are the 5 dermatomes and myotomes of the upper arm? What are their actions?


Abd of arm: C5

Flexion of elbow: C(5)6,

Extension of elbow: C(6)7(8)

Flexion of digits: C8

Add. and Abd. of digits: T1


What are the 3 nerves related to the bones of the arm?


Axillary n

Radial n

Ulnar n


Where does the Axillary n. travel?

What does the Musculocutaneal n innervate?

...Median and path

...Radial and path

...Ulnar  and path


Axillary comes through near the surgical neck.

Musculo...All muscles in anterior compartment of arm

Median..back of brachial through carpal tunnel, most flexors in forearm, thenar muscles in hand.

Radial...posterior humerus, through radial groove, posterior forearm. All muscles in posterior compartment of arm and forearm.

Ulnar...Posterior arm, through elbow groove (funny bone), Intrinsic muscles in hand, Flexor carpi ulnaris and medial half of flexor digitorum profundus in forearm.


What are the superficial veins of the arm?

Where are they embedded?

Where do they dump their deoxy blood?


Cephalic v

Basilic v

Median cubital v.

Embedded in the fascia.

Dump into the subclavian v at the neck.


What ligaments cover the sternoclavicular joint?


Anterior and Posterior sternoclavicular ligament.

Costoclavicular ligament.

and an Articular Disc between the clavicle and manubrium.


What ligaments reside at the acromioclavicular joint in order to anchor the scapula to the clavicle?

Acromioclavicular lig.

Coracoclavicular lig.-----Which includes the Trapezoid lig. and Conoid lig.

Helps with weight bearing and support.

Conoid lig. attaches to conoid tubercle.


Describe th ligamenture of the Glenohumeral joint.


Composed of the glenohumeral ligament and coracohumeral ligament. Covered by a fibrous membrane of a joint capsule.

Laterally is the Subtendinous bursa of subscapularis.

Inferiorly is the Redundant synovial membrane in adduction to allow sliding.

Over the Long head of biceps brachii tendon is the synovial membrane and synovial sheath to allow sliding.


How is the glenohumeral ligament divided up?





...glenohumeral ligaments.


What is the thin layer of cartilage that surrounds the glenoid fossa?

Glenoid Labrum