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Banquo; suspicious of how Macbeth has become King

"Thou hast it now: king, Cawdor, Glamis, all,
As the weird women promised; and I fear thou played'st most foully for it."


Macbeth; commentating that it means nothing to be king, unless his position is assured.

"To be thus is nothing, but to safety thus. Our fears in Banquo stick deep;"


Macbeth; jealous that Banquo's children will be kings

"Upon my head they placed a fruitless crown,"


Macbeth; saying he will never be well as long as Banquo lives

"Who wear our health but sickly in his life, which in his death were perfect."


Macbeth; manipulating the murderers

"Both of you know Banquo was your enemy,"


Macbeth; telling the murderers the he has his reasons for Banquo's murder and that it needs to stay quiet

"That I to your assistance do make love, masking the business from the common eye for sundry weighty reasons."


Macbeth; cold, doesn't not care about Fleance's death

"Fleance his son, that keeps him company, whose absence is no less material to me,"


Macbeth; decided about Banquo's fate

"It is concluded. Banquo, thy soul's flight, if it find heaven, must it find out tonight."