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Entrance/initial rapport building (1)

Hi, I'm andrew McAughey with American income life... I spoke to you over the phone about your benefits through your (group name) is Mary here? Ok good, I need both of you together. Could we use a table? It'll make things quicker. And if you could get Mary to join us. Ok Jim, where do you usually sit... why don't you sit there then and Mary could you sit right next to him?


Introduction (2)
First off

First off, let me tell you exactly why I am here and what I'm going to do. Is this the first time you returned the card? Do you go to your meetings for the membership? So, you're probably wondering what this is about. AIL works side by side with over 30,000 different groups like (examples). They realize that 31 days after you leave, quit, or retire, what happens to your benefits? (They're gone!). Which is exactly the reason they sent this letter and had us meet about your permanent option b benefits. My job is to go over the benefits that have already been set up for you. Now they only let us stop by once during your service period which is today. Does that make sense? Perfect.


AD&D (3)

The first benefit is your accidental death and dismemberment benefit. This benefit has been provided to you by your group as a way of thanking you for being a member in good standing. Now this is both a living and a death benefit. If you lose a hand, foot, or sight of an eye it's going to pay out half the amount. If you lose any combination of the two, it will pay out the full amount. More importantly, if you die due to an accident, your beneficiary will receive the full amount.


AD&D continued (4) (now I know this isn't...)

Now, I know this isn't all the money in the world. It's not going to pay for your funeral and final expenses, it's not going to replace jims income, it's not going to pay off the mortgage, and it's not going to pay for your children's college education like option b does, but every little bit helps right? Absolutely. I'll sign here and you're going to sign and date here, simply designating your beneficiary. God forbid you both were to die in a common accident, who do you want as your contingent beneficiaries?


Referral collection (5)
You know, for years

You know, for years members would always ask us if we were able to get this benefit out to people who don't typically have access. Well, now the company is allowing you to do that. What they've done is they've given you $20,000 in these accidental policies to give out. How this works for example is that if something were to happen to (john) and he were to be in a car accident, a $2,000 policy just like your will pay out to his family. It is at no extra cost to you or to him but it is very important to make sure you take advantage of this because I don't know how long they will be able to extend this and if you don't use all $20,000 the rest goes to waste. Keep in mind that this is at no cost to you or them. Obviously the first two policies would go to your contingent beneficiaries since they are the closest to you, so we can make sure they are included. You have $16,000 left, who's next?


Child safe kit (6)

This next benefit is designed to protect you and your wife. God forbid your children go missing, which is similar to the option b benefits that protect your children if something were to happen to you. I'll let the video better explain


Health discount card (7)

The next benefit is designed to do one thing... help you save money! The health services discount card is an incredible value provided to the members at no cost and saves you up to 60% on health care services. I'll let the video explain it. Is there anyone else you would like to sponsor for these no cost benefits?


Transition to needs analysis (8) when it comes to

When it comes to your option b benefits, each member is seen separately. We used to go see groups and explain the benefits to the members together as a whole group. But what we have found was that wasn't the best way to tailor fit the benefits to your family's current situation. What is right for you, may not be right for the members I just enrolled, or the members that I need to qualify after you. Now since everyone has a different need and a different want, I need to ask you some questions to make sure we tailor fit your permanent benefits based on your family's current needs.


There are three stipulations (9)

There are three stipulations to qualify for these benefits. First, you must be a union member in good standing, which you obviously are or I wouldn't even be here. Second, you must qualify and not everyone does. In fact, that can be the toughest part so we will see here in a second if you do. And third, you need to take advantage during the open enrollment period, which is today while I'm here. Fair enough? Ok great, let's see if you qualify.


Read off letter (10)
Perfect! Now

Perfect! Now these next benefits are by far the most important and most popular with the members, but before I go over them, I'm going to walk you through the mandatory read off letter. Here it is, but I'm going to summarize it to save time. It basically says that after I show you the benefits, explain how they work, and then answer all your questions. These permanent benefits are over and above your current temporary benefits, which as you know 31 days after you quit, leave, or retire, what happens?


Realistically (11)

So realistically that is not an option for many. The benefits enhance your current benefits and more importantly they are permanent and portable even if you quit, leave, or retire! Either way I'm going to have you fill out a group report form and we'll send it back to your group so they get feedback about these benefits. Does that make sense?


Introduction to cost benefits (12)
As you know, benefits

As you know, benefits over the years have gotten worse everywhere causing you and all the members to develop serious gaps in your family's benefits. So, with the input from AIL, your group, for members like you, they have come up with a list of concerns that need to be addressed to ensure your family has what they deserve.... a full circle of protection.


Final expense protection (13)
The first concern

The first concern deals with funerals and final expenses. Jim, why do you feel that funerals are a concern? Exactly Jim, which is why this video will explain how the program will provide an immediate sum of money to take care of final expenses so your family won't have to.


Recap final expenses
J&M, the video stated (14)

Jim and Mary, the video stated that the current average cost of final expenses is $14,000. However, because of inflation the recommended amount is $30,000. Now as you can see, you don't have any protection here, so you will need $30,000 and that is the amount we are providing you with. When do you think funeral homes want your money? Right, makes sense so far?


Tie down final expenses (15)
I'm sure you can see

Jim and Mary, I'm sure you can see how absolutely critical it would be to have this in place for your family when you die, right?


Income protection (16)
The second concern

The second concern deals with your income. Now Mary, if you had to go a few months without Jim's paycheck, what would that do to your family? How about if you lost his income forever? That's exactly why the needs analysis chose to include income protection as a concern. This video will help explain.


Income protection recap (17)
Needs analysis recommends

The needs analysis recommends having $100,000 of coverage for this concern and right now you have $20,000 so it's recommending $80,000 more. Not only will this give your family time to adjust to losing your income, but it will give them time to grieve without having to worry about losing everything, or worrying about how they're going to pay the bills. Does that make sense?


Tie down income protection (18)
J&M do you see how critical

Jim and Mary, do you see how critical it would be to have Jims income coming in each and every month for the next 24 months? Of course it would! Mary, if you had the option of protecting his income or not protecting his income, what would you pick?


Mortgage protection (19)

The next concern deals with mortgage protection. Let me ask you, what do you think is your biggest asset? Yeah, a lot of the members say that but it's actually your biggest liability. The bank owns your home technically, not you. Let's see how this program can turn your biggest liability into your biggest asset.


Recap mortgage protection (20)
Needs analysis recommends

The needs analysis is recommending $150,000 of coverage for you, Jim. Right now, you have $0 so it's recommending $150,000 more. If you were to die during your working years, it would probably be due to an accident, so this is funded by an accidental death benefit. Make sense?


Tie down mortgage protection (21)
Mary, wouldn't it

Mary, wouldn't it give you peace of mind to know that you and the kids wouldn't have to worry about making another house payment if Jim died?


College education (22)

The next concern deal with your children's college education. This video is just self explanatory. Do you want your kids to go to college or not?


Recap college education (23)
They are recommending

They are recommending $100,000 and you currently have $0 so it is giving you $100,000 or $50,000 for each of your 2 children. Since you are young and healthy and if you were to die during your working years it would likely be due to an accident, they are funding this through an accidental death benefit as well. Does that make sense?


Tie down college education (24)

It probably goes without saying how important that is right?


Also included college education (25)

Also included is a special $10,000 life insurance plan for all your children, 18 and younger. When they turn 21 they can convert this to 5 times that amount, or $50,000 of permanent life insurance with no health questions. Your kids will thank you for having the foresight to get this set up for them.


Close (26) it's kind of like having

It's kind of like having the option of two jobs. Job A, which is where you're currently at with your current benefits. Or job B where you still have all your standard group benefits, you're making almost the exact same amount of money, and get all these extra benefits that are permanent for life. Which job would you choose for your family? Exactly! That's what all the members say!


What the most important (27)

So, Jim and Mary what's the most important thing in your lives? What are they worth to you? Exactly! You can't put a price on your family but there is a price on protecting your family. So, if I were to ask you when is the most important time to start protecting the most important thing to you? That's exactly why I am here


Considering it all (28)

Considering it all makes sense, starting as of today you've taken an important step needed to be properly covered because this plan is intended to help you fulfill your current and future needs. And to make sure your needs are protected, they're giving you two options the choose from


Option 1 (29)

Option 1, which provides all the benefits and has inflation built in for your final expense cost down the road


Option 2 (30)

Option 2 which covers all your needs but with a smaller amount for inflation protect built in


While you're deciding (31)

While you're deciding which option works best for you I do need to see if you can qualify for these benefits so I need to ask you a few questions to see where you're at