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What is seborrhoeic dermatitis (in adults)?

  • A chronic dermatitis 
  • Caused by inflammatory rxn related to proliferation of normal skin inhabitant, a fungus called Malassezia furfur 
  • Common, affecting ~2% gen pop



What are clinical features of seborrhoeic dermatitis?

  • Eczematous lesions on sebum-rich areas
    • scalp (→ dandruff), periorbital, auricular, nasolabial folds
  • Otitis externa and blepharitis may develop
  • Associated conditions → HIV, Parkinson's


Seb Derm: How do you manage scalp disease?

  • First-line → over the counter preparations containing zinc pyrithione ('Head & Shoulders') and tar ('Neutrogena T/Gel') 
  • Second-line → preferred agent is ketoconazole
  • Selenium sulphide and topical corticosteroid may also be useful


Seb Derm: How do you manage face and body?

  • Topical antifungals eg. ketoconazole
  • Topical steroids: best used for short periods

Difficult to treat - recurrences are common