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What does the spell Evanesco do?

Causes an item to dissolve away, as if it had never existed


You're being attacked by Dementors! What spell do you use to summon your Patronus and drive them away?

Expecto Patronum!


Which spell disarms its target, knocking their wand or other weapon out of their hands?



This spell is somewhat ridiculous, serving to turn an animal into a water goblet. Name the spell...

Fera Verto.


Does the spell Finite Incantatem... a) render a wand useless temporarily, b) stop any spell, or c) cause someone to lose the ability to sing?

b) Finite Incantatem ends immediately any spell with a prolonged effect.


The spell Tom Riddle used to write his anagram in the Chamber of Secrets air with lines of flame was...



What does the spell Flipendo do?

Also known as the knockback jinx; pushes or flips something backwards


In his first Potions lesson, Neville Longbottom made a disastrous potion. It caused him to break out in boils, making it something like a spell in liquid form, which was...



You're hosting a tea party for two, but realized you only have one dessert pastry. Which spell do you use to duplicate the pastry, and thus have enough for both you and your guest?



Which spell forces a shape-shifted human or werewolf to resume their human form?



This spell immobilizes its target, making it useful as a defense or counterattack. Name the spell...



Does the spell Impedimenta... a) put up an force field to slow someone or something that is coming at you, b) cause a low stone wall to rise out of the ground, or c) influence fate to impede someone's progress on a task?

a) Harry used this spell quite a bit in the maze at the Triwizard Tournament.


What does the spell Imperio do?

The third Unforgivable Curse. Allows the user to assume complete control of another person


You're carrying your schoolbooks across the Hogwarts grounds when it suddenly starts raining. Which spell do you use to repel water from your books so they won't get soaked?



Which spell brings an object to you and "locks" it there?



This spell serves to light a fire wherever your wand is pointing. Name the spell...



Does the spell Legilimens... a) cause smudged or hidden writing to become readable, b) give you access to another's mind and memories, or c) make whatever your wand's pointing at grow legs?

b) Legilimens is also the name for someone accomplished at using this spell, like Professor Snape or You-Know-Who.


For bullying, Professor Moody turned Malfoy into a white ferret. He then bounced him bodily up and down in the air using the spell...



What does the spell Liberacorpus do?

"Liberates" or frees a body that has been caught up by the Levicorpus spell


During his first year, a Slytherin performed the Leg-Locker curse on Neville Longbottom with the incantation...

...Locomotor Mortis.


You're on your way to class when Peeves floats in and blows out all the lamps! Which spell do you use to light the tip of your wand and find your way through the pitch-black hall?

Lumos (or Lumos Maximus for more light).


Which spell uproots a tree and moves it to another place with its life and health intact?



This spell moves a human or animal body, living or dead, from one place to another. Name the spell...



Does the spell Nox... a) cause an arrow to load itself into an archery bow, b) force a human or humanoid creature to speak in rhyme, or c) extinguish light and dispel Lumos?

c) If you're sneaking around the castle after dark and using Lumos to light your way, it's handy to know this spell as well if Mrs. Norris shows up!


What does the spell Obliviate do?

Makes a person "oblivious," erasing their memories of an event


This spell is humorous but impressive, causing flowers to burst forth from the tip of the caster's wand. Name the spell...



You're in the Forbidden Forest on detention, when suddenly a young Welsh Green dragon leaps out of a nearby tree, poisonous fangs aimed straight at you! Which spell do you use to petrify it completely and thus stop its charge?

Petrificus Totalus!