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Which spell summons a green skull-and-snake emblem in the sky, which is Lord Voldemort's Dark Mark?

Moismoridre (Celtic variation) or Moismorde (Greek variation).


The spell Muffliato, which makes it so a private conversation in an area with a lot of people cannot be overheard, works by... a) rendering a small group of people temporarily deaf, b) deadening all sound within a certain radius of the caster, or c) causing a buzz to fill the ears of people in the area, drowning out the conversation?

c) This magical buzz makes it possible to know when a Muffliato spell has been cast, but not what's being said within it.


Which spell makes the user's wand, when placed on a relatively flat surface, act like a compass?

Point Me (also known as the Four Point Spell).


This spell transforms any item into a Portkey, which, at a specified time, transports anyone touching it to a specified place. Name the spell...



This spell results when two brother wands duel, revealing spectral images of the loser's last few spells cast. The name of the spell is... a) Premagica, b) Prior Incantatem, or c) Fratrimurus.

b) Prior Incantatem can also be said as a normal spell, not as a supernatural phenomenon, if the caster so desires.


What does the spell Protego do?

Protects the user, and sends a spell back on an opponent


You're busy fighting a banshee when she whips out a stolen wand and attempts to cast Sonorus to raise her already loud voice to a deafening blast of sound. Which spell do you use to dispel her Sonorus, dampening her shrieks from harmful to just creepy?



This spell can be useful in many of the more dangerous classes as a fail-safe; it shrinks its target. Name the spell...



One of Ginny Weasley's favorite spells; she killed a Death Eater instantly in the Department of Mysteries with a shout of...



Which spell releases something or someone from being bound, constrained, or held?



Does the spell Renneivate... a) energize or wake up the subject, b) repel all birds within a large radius of the caster, or c) turn an opponent's knees backwards, thus hindering movement?

a) I wonder if wizards make alarm clocks with this spell worked into them?


What does the spell Reparo do?

Repairs broken items


A friend is teasing you at dinner with a particularly disgusting piece of tripe. Which spell do you use to repel the tripe and stop their teasing once and for all?



Ministry of Magic wizards have bewitched the Leaky Cauldron, hiding it from Muggle eyes with the spell...

...Repello Muggletum.


Which spell makes the user laugh wildly and curl up as if being tickled by the magic?



This spell makes a targeted boggart assume a humorous form of the caster's choosing, instead of a terrifying one. Name the spell...



The only spell that seems to act as an augmenter for another spell, but is yet a distinct spell from the one being augmented is... a) Surgimagnis, b) Lumos Maximus, or c) Salvio Hexia.

c) Salvio Hexia strengthens wards and other protective spells, enabling them to better deflect hexes in particular. It can also be used on its own to deflect hexes.


Tonks just can't get the hang of this cleaning spell, but Mrs. Weasley can do it while doing multiple other things at the same time! All it takes for her is a flick of the wand and a...



This is a powerful offensive spell, causing lacerations to appear all over your opponent's body as if they had been set upon by an invisible blade. Name the spell...



At Lockhart's dueling club, Draco Malfoy faced Harry and conjured a snake using the spell...



Which spell renders its target unable to make any sound whatsoever?



Cornelius Fudge, Minister of Magic, amplified his voice at the Quidditch World Cup with the spell...



You've been accepted as an Auror for the Ministry of Magic. The first dark wizard you fight has surrounded himself with multiple protective spells, making hexes, jinxes, conventional attack spells, and forcible transfigurations impossible. You decide that your only option is to stun him; which spell do you use?



What does the spell Tarantallegra do?

Forces an opponent's legs to dance uncontrollably


Does the spell Tergeo... a) scour something clean, b) cause an earthquake, or c) set a mechanical device in motion from a distance?

a) This spell is a favorite of Molly Weasley's, because she always has things to clean.


What does the spell Waddiwasi do?

Removes a stuck object, as in a wad of gum that is stuck in a keyhole


This is a simple charm, making an object levitate up to about twenty feet in the air. Name the spell...

Wingardium Leviosa.