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what is symbol in john

the eagle who by legene flies high enogh to loomk directly at the sky as jesus the word of god sees the face of the father


what is imagge of jesus in john

noble and powerful one wwith the father full in ctrnool of his destiny even trhough his and death and resurrection


sources of jonh

unknwon most of the moaterial is unique to teh gospel


themes in john

jesus as the preexistant word of god, the risen christ among us taught thru the account og the seven sign and the I AM statesments


chrsitology in hojn

from aboce bc divinity of jesus showing he is one with the father


audience in john

a jewsih crhstian community that may have included gentile and samaritans they were breaking away from jesuwish community so time of great turmoil


incarnation in john

jesus was the ord of god, the word becoma flesh and came to dwell among us, he was the fathers only son full of grace and truht


light and darkness in john

jesus was light to human race, he came to earth to overcome the darkness, the kghht elightens the world jesus enllightened the world


trinity in jonh

all tesitfy to jesus the holy spirirt and since god is jesus then the intro of the trinity


prodigal son sotry found in what gospel



summarize prodigal son story

it is about a son who wanted his inheritance os the father gave him the money and his share the son left and wasted all the money on prosititures nad gamling until a famine struch the son was dirt poor adn had noweher to eat or get a job he decides to go back to his father and as for a jobnas a servant as he bretrayed his father and no onger ws his son, when he goes back his father rejoices and the father gives him the best calf, the other son is jealous bc he hss been with the father for ever and been loyal yet he never got the best calf and the father answers saying that everything he owns is his but the father rejoiced bc the brother was lost and has beend foumd


symbolism of [prodigal son sotry

father is god as he forgives us no maytter how muchw e sin, just like the father rejoices when his son comes back if we are willing to repent god is willing to save us


how does prodigal son support theme of luke

major them,es is gods ove for us all which is shown in prable as god loves us so much he will forgive evrything we hae done and ivnite back into his knigdom


what is prodigal son story message to jesus audience

teaches them that they have to repend their sing and trust god that he will fogirvw them and brig them back the his kindom


what is messgae to modern audience in prodival son story

applies to peeople that gossip and bring people down with their words we have t repend oursleves for gossiping and we have to turn away and aspeak the truth throu this god will save us and grant us eternal lfie with him


sower int eh seed in what gospel



summarize sower and te seed story

jesus proclaims that the seed thrown on a path will hear the word but not understand it, the seed thrwon on rocky fround will hear teh word and recieve it with joy but there is no soil so it will only last a little bit, the seed sown amont thorns will hear the world but worsly anxoiety will choke it and the seed will bear no fruit the seed thron on rich soil will hear the word and understan it and brea fruit and a lot of creops


symbolism of sower and the seed sotry

seed is word of god the path is a man hardend by sin the rocks is aman who ehars the word but the roots arent there the heart is unchaed by the word the thorn is one who recieves word but heart is full of sin adn lust the good ground is someone who understand and receices the word adn spreads it to veyrone...a mand recpetion of gods word is deterined by the condition of his heart


how does sower and seed suport theme in mattherw

jesus has authorit from god to initiate new coveneant wher ewe can undertsand and change ouselves bc the word of god


message to jesus audience about sower and seed

be chamnges by wird not direregard it whhen turmoil prevails or persecution is happening stand up for god and spread the word


messsage to mdoern audience on sower and seed sotry

we can fear not fitting in bc we understand the weord of god we have to spread it and help others understant it


modd of inafacy narrative in matthew

understanding where matthew set up narrative to connect the Old Testament divid the king to jesus wher edaivds line of descnedant whould reigh gorever dn jesus ws descendant of david fullfilling covenant god had with david


modd of luke inancy narrative

influential bc it ties to themes of mary and his serving to the poor, adn how mary was a big influence and how jesus came to serve the poor


similar things in luke and matt ingancy narrative and how does it help us understand jesus more

jesus parents are ,mary and joseph mary and joesph are betrothed but not married mary conieves thru the holy spirirt and an angel direct the child to be named jesus.. jesus is truly son of god and that god had it all planned out from teh beginnign


things found in matt on inganfyc narrative

annuciation fo joseph shwoign joesph was the one who knew gods plan the magi adn thhe star are onyl found in matt dshowing that all would come and worship jesus jesus was the king of the wolrd and he would rulle all even other kings


things only found in luke infancy narrative

annuciation to mary tying in to one of the the portrait of mary main themes in lukes gospel announcement of jesus birth to shepherd only foudn in luke showing that jesus is for eveyrone even the poor adn that he was on earth to serve others esp the poor and to declare his love for everyone including the poor.. the last sjhall be first the poor are first o know about the messiage


who is author of john

uknoiwn but traditionally attriuted to apostle john, a member of a chrsitaina commpunity founded by beloved disciple of jesus


what story best reoresents the characetristics of the early curch

the people are devoted to the apostles techeing and they are filled with wonder as the apostles perform miracles and the believers gave to anyone who needed, shows jow the early church came about where it started with very communal ways of life with people coming together and giving things to others and breaking the bread at home with other poeple


which story best represnets the guidance of teh holy spirirt theme

when the holy spirirt pours down unto the apostles and theya re able to speak different tongues to spread gods word to evryone all over the world that spoke diff langs connecting to how the Holy Spirit guided the apostles to spreading the word


which best story represents the church as universla and inclusive

hwene the council of jerusalem was held the apostles nad elders wrer debating whether letting the gentiles joing their fatih commmunity and aftr awhile peter says that not being circumsied wont get you saved it is oyur faith that will save you thus the gentiles were invited into teh church tying in to how tht echurh is inclsuive


which story best reperesents tge sacrciices made for the sake of teh church

when cornelis a gentile has a visiont o send a man tog et peters peter saccrfices himslef and goes to corneliius there he realizes that god doesnt care if you are unclean or profance that everyone can have the holy spirirt and be baptized, adn it that moment cornelius and other god fearers were given the holy spirirt and were speakig diff tongues