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What are the four most important things in a religious upbringing (explain each)

Baptism- controversial as child has no choice
Church going- family church is fun, surrounded by the belief, taught it
Faith school- prayers said, religion learnt
Confirmation- acceptance to the church, your choice


What is a religious experience

The feeling that you have experienced god. An encounter with god.


How do miracles lead to a belief in god?

When something happens that defies the laws of science to some it may be so significant that it leads them to believe only god could be responsible (relative overcoming a disease)


What is an example of a miracle in the bible?

New Testament- Jesus feeds a crowd from 5 loaves of bread and 2 fish


What is Christians response to unanswered prayer?

God answers prayers in his own way and always does what he thinks is best. Not every prayer can be answered the way you may like.


Explain the design argument

Teleological- William Paley
Beautiful- music doesn't help us to survive
Complex- golden ratio
Ordered- gravity
Genesis- god created the world
The only logical explanation for such a beautiful world is god therefore he must exist.


Explain the causation argument

Cosmological (PALEY)
The universe requires explanation
Only god is capable of causing the universe, he could have caused the Big Bang as he is eternal (only full explanation)
Desirable god- he wanted to create us, powerful secure feeling
Genesis- god created the heaves and the earth


How does the meaning of life and purpose lead to a belief in god?

Looking after others- positive mark
Gives us a reason to be here (god belief)
Concept of reward (aspirations)
Order/discipline (something to do)


Why do people believe in god?

Experience of the world
Religious experience


Who doesn't belive in god?



Why don't people belive in god?

Problem with miracles- may be a better explanation, coincidences can happen
Unanswered prayer- makes belivers non believers, why does he not respond Jesus said 'ask an you will be answered' a lie?
Non religious explanations of the earth- the Big Bang, scientific evidence


What is belivers response to the Big Bang?

God could have made the Big Bang



God is a wish or dream
God is a superstition
God is made up


Outline the problem of evil

Rock of atheism
Inconsistent triad


What are the four theodocies for evil and suffering?

Free will defence- have us free will and does not intervene (doesn't explain natural evil)
Preparing us for heaven- if there was no bad people wouldn't do good
God works in his own way- we should trust gods love, Jesus too suffered
Original sin- we were given free will and abused it and throight this bad was brought into the world


How do programmes affect a persons beliefs about god?

Statistics and proof- back up viewpoint
Seems more formal and correct
Different perspectives- opinions can be swayed, we mindlessly accept things
Media brings attention- gives it a profile, more people are informed and develop opinion
TV and video/ visual aid, proof and emotion