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Outline the sanctity of life

Life is a gift from god and so belongs to god
Life is treated as holy and should be preserved as we are the image of godq
Since life is precious we cannot kill other beings 'you shall not commit murder'
The body is not a physical object, it is the dwelling place of he Holy Spirit


What is the current law of abortion?

Women may have an abortion up to 24weeks and only if
Continuing the a portion would post mental or physical risk to the mother
The family would be affected
Child my be born handicapped


What's the biggest question surrounding abortion?

When does life begin?


Catholic views on abortion?

Strongly against- murder, sanctity of life they accept the doctrine of double effect (all sexual acts should have the aim of bearing a child)


CofE views on abortion?

Against it, however in the case if rape it may be ok, lesser of two evils


Methodist views on abortion?

Against- lesser if two evils


Quakers views on abortion?

Don't know when life begins against it but are in some ways pro choice


Pro choice abortion arguments?

We have the right to choose what happens to our bodies- right of the mother takes precedence
Quality of life for the foetus
population growth- controls
Doctrine of double effect- if the womens life is in danger abortion may save her


Catholic views on euthanasia?

Totally against- it is effectively murder 10 Commandments state this is forbidden we cannot give treatments that may shorten a patient's life


Church of England views on euthanasia

Opposed to any change in the law to make it permissible or acceptable but suffering must be met with compassion the sanctity of life principle- God has a plan for everyone


Quakers views on euthanasia

Don't have a united view on euthanasia believe in dying naturally such as turning off the life support machine try to act with agape love


Methodist views on euthanasia

Strongly against it- god gave us life and only he can take it away- playing God is not acceptable. Concerned about difficulties faced by medical staff compassionate however (living wills)


Arguments for euthanasia

Each person has the right to control their own body
it's morally wrong to prolong the suffering of someone who wishes to end it
Hippocratic oath has been changed for why not change it again
if an animal or suffering would have it put down as is the most humane thing to do


Arguments against euthanasia

Just another form of murder
slippery slope option to kill becomes the duty to kill
the nonreligious sanctity of human life will be violated
we must balance right and obligation to family it doesn't only affect us


What's the law on euthanasia in the

UK – unlawful seen as manslaughter or murder life imprisonment, leniency shown in cases however
Switzerland – it is legal as long as the motive is not selfish
strict criteria applied
friends and family members interviewed to establish the motives selfishness
Netherlands – legal circumstances must be legally assessed and conform to strict criteria