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What are Actinomycetes

Actinomycetes are bacteria that have characteristics of fungi; most notably they grow in the form of mycelia. However, the cell wall structure and antimicrobial susceptibility patterns are characteristic of bacteria


What are the two Actinomycetes that infect humans

1: Actinomyces sp
2: Nocardia sp


What are Actinomyces sp

• Filamentous-mycelia-like
• Gram positive beaded anaerobe
• Part of the normal flora of mouth and GI tract
• Can cause abscesses following trauma to the mouth or GI tract
• Treatment is penicillin


What are Nocardia sp

• Long thin filamentous structure
• Weakly Gram positive, partially acid fast
• NOT part of the normal flora
• Inhaled into lungs where creates abscess, frequently mistaken forM tuberculosis